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Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Years

"Buck was wildly glad. He knew he was at last answering the call, running by the side of his wood brother toward the place from where the call surely came. Old memories were coming upon him fast, and he was stirring to them as of old he stirred to the realities of which they were the shadows. He had done this thing before, somewhere in that other and dimly remembered world, and he was doing it again, now, running free in the open, the unpacked earth underfoot, the wide skyoverhead."

Fucked Up will play in Montreal twice this New Years eve.

After midnight, head to the Loud House for the second show, at around 1am.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Partial Discography

This is a first attempt to reconcile the various and competing incomplete versions of the Fucked Up vinyl discography. If you have versions of records not included in this discography, or recognize errors, get in touch. Also if you have html skills and space to host a real discography, get in touch also.

NO PASARAN 7" (Deranged Records 030)
-First Press of 1100 May 2002
Out of Press
Notes: 7 Test Presses. Approx 50 with colour photocopied sleeves.

POLICE 7" (Deranged Records 033)
-First Press of 1200 March 2003
-Second Press of 500 Feb 2005
-Third Press of 1000 Nov 2005
Notes: 6 Test Presses. 4 different photocopied "Old Bill" inserts. Rumoured hand drawn sleeve, limited to 10 copies.

BAITING THE PUBLIC 7" (Deranged Records 043)
-First Press of 1000 May 2003
Out of Press
Notes: No Test Presses. 500 with large front lettering, 500 with classic 7" single design. 1 with small hole and dried wax runoff. 250 with wrong labels not sold.

DANCE OF DEATH 7" (Deranged Records 052)
-First Press of 1000 Nov 2003
-Second Press of 500 Jan 2005
-Third Press of 1000 Nov 2005
Notes: 8 Test Presses in manilla sleeve/numbered

LITANY 7" (Test Pattern Records 108)
-First Press of 1000 March 2004 (white vinyl)
-Second Press of 500 Feb 2005 (white vinyl)
Out of Press
Notes: 8 Test Presses. 6 on Shampoo coloured vinyl

EPICS IN MINUTES CD (Deranged Records 053)
-First press of 1000
-Second press of 500 Jan 2005
-Third Press of 1000 Nov 2005

LET LIKES BE CURED BY LIKES Live 12" (Schizophrenic Records 017)
-First press of 500 (Clear vinyl w/ silk screen)
Out of Press
Notes: 4 Test presses. 66 with no silk screen. 8 with blotch screen on a-side labe

FUCKED UP/HAYMAKER split 7" (Deep Six Records 049)
-First Press of 800 on black vinyl/200 on white vinyl March 2004
-Second Press of 500 (grey vinyl) Feb 2005
Notes: 7 Test Presses

LOOKING FOR GOLD 12" (Hidden World Records 002)
-First Press of 300 Sept 2004
-Second Press of 400 Feb 2005
Out of Press
Notes: No Test Presses. Half with stamped labels, half without.

DANGEROUS FUMES 7" (Hidden World Records 003)
First Press of 150 Feb 2005 (Promo/Fake)
Out of Press
Notes: Dangerous Fumes Cover/"Baiting the Public" vinyl "Litany" Label. No Test Presses.

GENERATION 7" (Slasher Records 003)
-First Press of 500 Feb 2005
-Second Press of 1600 Feb 2005
Out of Press
Notes: 9 Test Presses. First press with label spelling errors and small hole. Second press big hole no spelling errors. 5 different inserts (different picture)

Mix Tape Volume 1 (Hidden World Records 004/Deranged Records 075)
-First Press of 300 June 2005
-Second Press of 400 Sept 2005
Out of Press
Notes: The presses have distinct labels and liner note artwork. Second press with censored liner notes.

GENERATION 12" (Slasher Records 004)
-First Press of 1500 Aug 2005
Notes: 3 sets of 9 test presses, the first two rejected. ~15 copies with "The Muthafunkaz" error bside label. Less than 300 sold in DJ sleeves, most with sticker, some with photocopied insert.

LITANY 12" (Test Pattern Records 109)
-First press of 1000 Aug 2005
Out of Press
Notes: 8 Test Presses. All with blank labels.

BLACK CROSS 7" (Burning Sensation Records 001)
-First Press of 1000 Aug 2005
Out of Press
Notes: 9 Test Presses. 175 with blank labels sold on European tour, most with handwritten messages.

BLACK ARMY 7" (Burning Sensation Records 002)
-First Press of 1000 Aug 2005
Out of Press
Notes: 9 Test Presses. 175 with blank labels sold on European tour, most with handwritten messages.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The "Litany" ep, currently only available as a 12" in Europe, will be repressed by Havoc Records in the spring of 2006 as a 7". It was first pressed by Test Pattern records, who also did the first Think I Care 7", in 2003 as a run of 1000 copies. An additional 500 were pressed in March of 2004 and it has been unavailable since then. Pictured is a copy on clear vinyl, of which there are six.

January 6th, 7th, 8th

FUCKED UP will make a brief sojourn to America before settling down to start recording the Hidden World album in late January. The dates are as follows:

Friday Jan 6th NYC
@ The Knitting Factory
7pm Doors $10 All Ages

Fucked Up
Kill Your Idols
Pissed Jeans
The Conversions

The late show has been moved from North Six to a secret venue. To find out where it is, ask around at the early show.


Saturday Jan 7th Philly
At The First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut Street (22nd and Chestnut Sts)
Philadelphia, PA
$12 / All Ages

Dillinger 4
Hard Skin
Fucked Up
Paint It Black

Saturday January 7th Philly
@ Mill Creek Tavern in West Philly (21+)
9pm $8

Dillinger Four
Fucked Up
The Pedestrians
Pissed Jeans
+1 Local and special guests TBA

FUCKED UP will also play on the radio sometime this evening.


Sunday Jan 8th New jersey
2pm 120 Hamilton Street in New Brunswick