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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Give Dust to Life

One for the rook, one for the crow, one to die, and one to grow.

"Triumph of Life", the first single from the upcoming "Hidden World" 2xLP, will be released first in the UK in April of 2006 to coincide with the Fucked Up UK tour (April 13-23). The single will later be released in North America with a different bside, with the album shortly following.

You found the world with your eyes and set the struggle alight
I turned it back black and white so i could stay out of sight
We fight each other alive and throw ourselves at the
Triumph of life
I grew wings and a beak just to stay on my feet
I spill blood from my mouth into yours and survive
You chased me off of the ground i drew you into the clouds
Triumph of Life

Many millions of a kind to the ground confined
The few heads that rise up learn to take to the sky
Carry the breed in a seed as the family dies
The dead emboldened by the living who learned how to fly
As you get better at killing I get better at surviving
When you get better at looking I get better at hiding
Evolution of sames who change shape in the race
And so we run together just to stay in the same place
Red queens in our genes as we ripple and swell
unfold the heart of a shell we move in step like machines
Not one but a sum not a drop but a wave
Similar we behave not a point but a hum

The war is like a symphony that rings through our lives
We dance together in a violence for a chance to survive
we spin around each other to rise up as we strive
To gain an edge, and for a moment leave the struggle behind
Geminate to attain the greatness the dance sustains
we're both links in the chain wound tight in a braid
we throw our lives at the game and at each other we aim
Crusades of change for the best we made each other became

Worlds of colour and war wrought out of peaceful greys
violent orison that the best within us all will arise
Compete for elites erode the old to select
Without death there's no best winnow to perfect
Triumph of Life
We twist around the hot white fire of life
At once apart and together we split to unite
Evolve the same strength in each other that we use to collide
Becoming synonyms for antonyms we combine to divide
We kill each other as a test and use whats left as defense
Your poison builds in me a venom that i use to dispense
Swallow in spit out give birth to death
We persist in each other dust to life to exist
We've fought a war with each other since the beginning of time
Two coils form a ladder that we use to climb
The generation of nations of diversity we
Overcame to combine and then to give up our lives

As we run from the violence that we left in our wake
We give dust to the lives that to live we must take
To usher in a new means to concieve please believe
That we would die today to save the ones on the way
We closed the volume of life and each page took a side
They came together and erased what was once a divide
A symetry finally as we transcend our strife
There are no sides, no divide just the triumph of life


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