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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ok for a really limited time we are selling some merch from this location. We have some shirts of varying sizes, and some Triumph of Life CDs. The shirts have the Generation Eagle logo done real big, and the CDs are on Vice Records UK and have the songs Triumph of Life, Neat Parts and Year of the Dog on them. You can email Beat at to work out the specifications. You can send him either a money order made out to his god-name (you'll have to email him to get it), or cash. No paypal.

Also, the US version of the Triumph 7" is coming out in August or something. You can "pre-oder" it here. It is on pink wax. They made 2006 of them.

We are going to the West Coast in August. Here is what the tour looks like so far:

July 30th - Sink With Cali Fest
July 31st - Bay Area
August 1st - Bay Area
August 2nd - Seattle @ SS Marie Antoinette (boat factory) w/ Never Healed, more
August 3rd - Portland @ The Food Hole w/Never Healed, Criminal Damage, PRF
August 4th - Berkeley @ 924 gilman w/ Deadfall, Go it Alone, Set it Straight
August 5th - Long Beach @ Long Beach Warehouse w/ Never Healed, more
August 6th - Bakersfield @ Munoz Boxing Gym w/ Never Healed, more
August 7th - San Diego @ Che Cafe w/ Never Healed, more

Lastly, just a reminder that the Juche Idea informs that the most important work of revolution and construction is molding people ideologically as communists and mobilizing them to constructive action.
Three men race 500 meters carrying bags of rats. The first sets off at a good pace, but soon the rats have chewed threw the bag and escaped. The same happens to the second man a bit further on. As the third man shakes his bag so forcefully, the rats are constantly tumbling and cannot settle to escape. The man who sets the bag permanently in a state of revolution has become our hero and wins the race.

Oh yeah - Pink Eyes has a blog too now. Here it is.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spot Rusherz

Ok, for anyone who still doesn't have Triumph of Life on 7" wax, you can finally get it online direct from Vice Recordings here. Hurry because they only got 100. Remember that this is coming out on Jade Tree in late July.

Also - save the date, we're expecting to throw the Hidden World release shows in Toronto Oct 26-29. Stay tuned.

We just got word that our friends BILLY TALENT might have written a diss song on us on their new album that comes out in a few weeks. "Where's the line" purports to be about “stab back at Toronto scenesters who have dissed them.”, which is a quote in a recent Gasoline Magazine issue. Devout followers may remember this particular incident between us and them last summer.

If those dudes wouldn't mind getting in touch so we can get to the bottom of this thanks.
Also, whoever wrote this, please get in touch.

Lastly, Pink Eyes recently sat down with Nick Woj for a heart to heart. Here it is from Spot Rusherz. Also look for an exclusive Cold World song on the FU Mix Tape part 2, due in late July.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

yo, it's me. i haven't posted on this boy in like 5 months haha.
so i thought i'd return with an amazing entry in form of a FUCKED UP interview.
here's 10 questions i sent to my boy damian. maybe i'll even put a mix up tonight, cause i'm borrrrred (why am i watching Last Comic Standing?!)
on a side note, good luck to hoodrack on winning these jawnskis:

so, on with the interview...

1. fucked up are about to drop an lp on jade tree and an ep on vice. did you get an offer to do anything beyond an ep from vice?

We kinda talked about doing the lp with them but nothing really came about of it. The ep was done on Vice Uk and we were their first release so to really do the lp we would of had to make the jump to Vice records US. They said they would be into doing something but it never really went anywhere and by that time we were pretty set on going with Jade Tree. The Vice people have all been super cool with us. It's funny because those dudes have such a rep of being just hippster assholes but all the dudes we've delt with are into cool shit. When we hung out at the Vice office in the UK, all Andy, the guy who runs it over there, wanted to do was jam out about Integrity... it was weird.

2. i imagine jade tree gave you guys a pretty decent recording budget. how did you take advantage of it in the studio and outside the studio?

Yeah, they were insanely generous. They basically said go in and make this record and what it costs is what it costs. I gave then a ballpark of how much I thought it would be, but I have no clue about that sort of shit so I gave them a number and we ended up spending triple whatever I said. With the extra money we were able to do a lot of shit we probably couldn't have done without the budget Jade Tree gave us. Most obviously record a double LP which is something we couldn't have done on Deranged or too many other labels. I wish we had taken advantage of it a little but every cent they gave us went to recording the record.... I had to buy all my own lunch and dinner at the studio everyday. I spent hundreds of dollars on fast food making this record.

3. i think it's pretty ill that you have a female in the band. has being in a band with a girl changed your view of the woman's role in hardcore/punk? is that a silly question?

I've always thought that hardcore is a fairly misogenist scene and I think having sandy in the band has helped me come to terms with how I'm not above that shit myself.

4. i noticed you have a girlfriend. congratulations. how does one go about acquiring one of those bad boys?

Seriously, I have no clue. But without her I would be dead, no bullshit. But if you really want one I'll trade you mine for an "Ice Grillz" test press.

5. apparently you guys have been a hot topic in mrr. splain.

I think MRR has a real love/hate thing with us. They are the reason that a lot of people know about us so they have definitely helped us out but at the same time a lot of the the shit we do really bums them out.

6. before i gave you guys a real chance, i always grouped fucked up in with one of those weird fast bands i could never get into. fu seem to appeal to alot of hc kids with differing tastes. why do you think that is? and how do you feel jade tree will effect that?

I don't know why. I guess we are trying to do something different and kids are looking for something different. But outside of that I have no clue. I hope this JT thing brings more kids to the party but it might just blow up in our faces

7. it's hard as hell getting into canada to play shows, what's it like getting into the states with a band name like fucked up?

It is really hard to get into the states but we have figured some tricks out and we try to never bring gear but everytime we try my heart is beating out of my chest.

8. is it true that someone in the band's parents don't know his band's called fucked up?

Yeah, when Jonah told his Dad the name of the band he nearly had a nervous breakdown. He said it made him think of bikers. So he told his dad that we changed our name to something else. His dad has no clue about all the records and what not.

9. i've always thought of fucked up as fellow music snobs. what shit do you bump that people wouldn't expect?

I like a little bit of a lot of things. I guess some of the shit I'm into that suprises people is stuff paul williams who was this 70's soft pop singer song writer guy who wrote songs for the carpenters and did 6 or 7 albums on his own, final fantasy: who is a violen indie rock dude from toronto who actually did some violen parts on our new record. I think the new T.I. record is insane, but doesn't everyone? R.A. the Ruggedman and Thirsten Howl the 3rd. A lot of people ask if I'm for real about loving Cold World and RJ but I love those bands.

10. what did you write triumph of life about?

I didn't write it.... it's a mike jam so it is no doubt about gardens or magic.

and gimme a little playlist or whatever.

New Mind Eraser LP
Final Fantasy "He Poos Cloulds"
Marked Men "Fix My Brain"
T.I. "King"
V/A "Killed By Damian Vol 10" (mix tape)

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Crewtonz House of God

Whenever we go to play in New York, we usually do an after party at this place Crewtonz House of God in Brooklyn. The last time we played there it was really fun, and i think it was after our show last show at the Knitting Factory, but I can't really remember. As usuall, we just did a bunch of shit covers and Ian Dickson had to regulate dudes and I think there was fights. Anyhow, here is the audio file available for download for a limited time only, so all you dudes from Arkansas and shit like that can get to know what its like to see Fucked Up at 4 in the morning condescending to play Career Suicide covers, and when you try to cover an Antidote song a dude that lives there has to interupt you to yell at all the drunk dudes and sloppy bitches.

PS - Peace to Roethlisberger