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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dec 27

Attention Brits - We will be in you soon:

7. Can you describe the role of David Eliade in Fucked up? Is he the mentor of the band and will he touring with Fucked up? I

David is a person who allows us to get things we woulnd't otherwise
get. He lets us express things in ways we wouldn't
have thought of. He enables us to be better people and a better band.
He does not tour with us!

8. I read about a film with music by Fucked up? What is the film about?

It is the ultimate action film of all time. David is directing it, and
it will be called "Triumph". It takes the history
of film making in the 20th century and throws it on its head - Triumph
will be the ultimate 21st century movie.

9. Your songs sound cleverly thought out. Is this a true impression
and how long does it take, to write a song like "David Comes To Live"?
Some persons are mocking, that the only way for an unknown punk-band
to get medial attention is to write long songs. What would you these
guys reply?

David Comes to Life was written in one hour. Two weeks before we
started recording the LP we had some gaps and needed
to write 2 more songs - in two practices we wrote David Comes to Life
and Manqueller Man, pretty much on the spot. I really
don't get why people are so obsessed with our long songs - hasn't
anyone ever heard Pink Floyd? We get media attention in
Canada because we start fights and rob banks and spike the water
supply with LSD, not because we write long tunes.

10.) Do you consider Fucked-up as a synthesis of the arts? I
have seen pictures of you, playing live with costumes and make-up? Do
you want to express a deeper meaning with such performances?

Yes, our music is the attempt to represent the true art forms of the
masses. We dress up in costumes and make up to be
an example of living art, but also to rid ourselves of personal
identity, so that only art may flow through our phsysical
bodies. We must have an artistic revolution.

11.) What are the band-members doing, if they are not involved
in Fucked up?

Gulag sells ciggarettes at an old folks home. Mustard Gas takes
pictures of amputees for an online magazine. Pink Eyes cheats
on tax returns. Mr Jo flies to jamaica to bring back cheap reaggae 45s
to sell for hundreds of dollars at boutique record
stores. I trip small children as they leave school. We feel it is
our responsibility to challenge societies views on morality
on a daily basis.

12.) Is Fucked up trying to create a certain image, by
pronouncing that the band members are mentally ill and by using
pseudonyms? Why are you doing this?

It was David Eliade who crafted these insights. At first we didn't
know what to think about it, but then he told us, so we
trust him. We are mentally deranged lunatics. We all hate each
other, and Jarvis Cocker once came to a fucked up show. Then
me and Pink Eyes got into a shoving match over who would be able to
buy the rare records at the record store the next day!
Then we went home to write a two hour long song in a minor key, with
choruses in the key of middle C. To pronounce the notes
we filled the studio with buzzing honey bees, and after the session
fed the bees to the dogs who had collected outside of
the studio to take pictures of us collaborating with big business and
Arts Canada. As a result we were offered a record
contract for a major record company, which we declined publically on
message boards but secretly agreed to in private and
began work on our 2nd LP entitled "David Eliade and the Anarchist
Miracle" which was a collaboration between Aphex Twin and
Luther Blissett and involved the recuperation of original Just Blaze
tracks meant for the final J Dilla LP. We then got
sponsered by an AIDS manufacturing company in the Congo and began to
tamper with condoms for sale in highschools in order
to breed a new race of super human sociopathic artistic minded

13.) One of your band-member is called concentration camp. Do
you think, that this is still a contemporary form for a punk-band to
shock and cause trouble? Is shocking one of Fucked up intentions? What
do you want to achieve by using such fascistic terms?

He chose the name in tribute to his Polish grandparents who worked
inside of a Kapo instalment in Dachau.

14.) What are Fucked up's main intensions?

To make money and fans.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here is a good example of what happens to your brain after you've answered to many email interviews. Enjoy!

"Here is the other one (for I also need it asap. Just to have it online when you will be on tour! I know it’s quiet a bunch..."

1. Shame on me but till a few days ago i haven´t heard about you. I think there´s also a few people here in Germany with the same ignorance So please introduce yourself.

My name is 10,000 Marbles and i play the fool in Fucked Up.

2. Since when do you play together as a band?

We recorded our first LP in the spring of 2006 and have been a band for 2 years before that.

3. Who is responsible for the nice band name?

Our record company. The felt we could acquire more mainstream press if we could secure a band name that would "blow their minds". They told us it was our responsibility as a punk band to be as challenging to mainstream ideas and cultural identities as possible, because after all, punk music remains the greatest threat to conventional morality there is, and we feel now that it is our responsibility as artists to challenge peoples bullshit mindsets and to stir up discussions in this stagnant waste land we call "culture".
4. How would you describe your sound?

Fucked Up sounds like the guy who stood in front of that tank in Tiennamen square, or we sound like the last breath taken by a fallen soldier after she's been shot with a Jewish-bought Kalishnikov. We sound like an eagle flying through the air at 200mp to make a kill only to fly right into a skyscraper of death and thump on the sidewalk. Our sound is like when your criminal father gets rejected for a bank loan to invest in conflict diamonds in Sierra Leon. Fucked up sounds like the sound it makes when a Black man beats a Chinese prostitute. Our sound has been described as what it must have sounded like to hear Alexander the Great call his soldiers "pussies" or Napolean call the Russian army "a bunch of faggots". An old woman once told me that to her Fucked Up sounded like the sounds her stomach made after she accidentally ate rat poison because she was senile and didn't know any better and there was no one to take care of her anyway because the rest of her family abandoned her because she is really racist and homophobic and once threw a loaf at her grandsons boyfriend at a christmas dinner because she just doesn't understand that society is changing.

5. Which bands would you call your main influences?

Kull, Degfeist, Forfrathess, Morinacy and Aserblayad.

6. Who among you is writing your songs?

Well, who among you is without sin that could cast the first stone? Our songs are written as the cultural expression of a movement of people, and we feel it would be inapproriate to claim "ownership" of them as defined by whatever record contract you could try at gunpoint to get us to sign. Haven't you Germans ever read Kropotkin for christ sakes?

7. I know you have your own MySpace Site. So what do you think about MySpace? Is it a big chance for bands to get through to the masses?

We think that myspace is the haven for all the people that society would not trust! We think that these downtrodden people should be given the tools to rearrange their collective will and to make a change in their lives. We think that for bands "it is a big chance to get through to the masses".

8. Do you still have "regular jobs" besides FUCKED UP?

Regular Jobs??!? We as a band strive to be 'Irregular" as punk rockers. We have irregular haircuts that go in strange new directions that aren't defined by anyones definition of "regularity". We make bowel movments at all hours of the day! Have you ever seen how many holes and rips you can put into an article of clothing? We have so many. We don't walk into an office tower every day wearing our nice suits, if thats what you mean! We wake up in the afternoon and apply so much trash and mud to our articles of clothing that you wouldn't even believe we could take one step outside and not be thrown in the sewer by the fascists and even rejected by the slime that lives down there already. It is our job to be shocking! Not to be pressed into the service of this destructive industry that would take the medical rights away from their own grandfathers before they got around to even turning off the power to a whole section of the population just for not voting the way they were supposed to in the US presidential election. It is our job to put an end to all of this oppression for fucks sakes!!!!!
9. Early in 2007 you will touring through Germany. So what can the german audience expect?

They can expect to be blamed for the holocaust.

10. What will the future hold for FUCKED UP??

Flying cars, infinite life, cereal that not only does not get soggy with milk but inflates to the point when you have to get out of your seat because it is rapidly filling up the entire breakfast-eating area and making an exit for the largest door in the vicinity, but also laying waste to the entire concept of gravity in the first place; robots that when they talk to you do so in a manner resembling your most hated enemy, oceans filled with the most vilest reptiles so large that when you see them you instantly are reminded of what it must have felt like to first listen to the sheer length of some of our songs. Also Nike shoes so coveted and rare and expensive that only people in Kashmir who have had both their feet blown off in ethnic struggle will be allowed to purchase them. The irony being that the shoes will still be made of leather! (And not small diamond particle beams, like all other shoes made in the future).

What was the most fucked up thing that ever happened to you on tour?

Oh man! Once on tour we feel asleep in the van and our idiot driving managed to drive the van directly into the front doors of that fake mall they build as a sociological experiment in the Czech Republic. We were able to find so many great consumer items at low prices but when we got to the checkout queu they told us that we had failed as Marxists and Situationists and all this other shit we could hardly even understand and that we wouldn't be able to buy anything. Then when we got back to our van we found that Banksy had put graffitti all over it describing us not only as part of consumer culture, but there was also a black and white stencil of a little girl holding of a flower that had a McDonalds "M" instead of the usual set of stamens, pistils and the like. Luckily we were able to sell the van to a very rich techno-activist through an online indymedia cultural reification center, for a very high profit. We used the money to buy a van that had an even lower gas to
milage ratio and drove straight to the new walmart in Paris to take part in more activism, just as we got a call simultaneously on all of the cellphones we had been given for free as part of our sponsorship deal, from none other than Banksy himself who told us that it had been him who had bought the van after all and had put his trademark graffiti over the OLD graffiti, making it a meta-symbol of cultural angst and also to sell it for an even higher mark up. As they say, The Greatest Commodity The Devil Ever Sold Us Is Culture Itself (with a corpse in his mouth).
What was the biggest disappointment in 2006?

The ethical landmine that is the Sudan.

What's the best record that was released in 2006?

David Eliade "Blood and Gold" with artwork by Austin Osman Spare and Grant Morrison
Is there any great underground band that you would like to recommend to the German readers?

Der C.H.U.D.S. pt 2


"There will always be people standing in the half-light that this festivity cast out upon the street; and behind their backs the great darkness began and only a short distance further on rapidly became inpenetrable" Robert Musil 1930

Ok, we leave for Europe in a few days so the updates will be slow in coming. For now, we can tell you that we're going to the west coast for 3 days for some shows. The info so far is:

February 15th
Vancouver BC
Venue TBA All Ages $10

February 16th
Vancouver BC
@ Pub 340 19+ $10
More TBA

February 17th
Cloverdale BC
Venue TBA
More TBA

We will also be in Texas for SXSW from March 12th to March 18th. We're doing a bunch of showcases as well as shows in San Antonio and Houston.

Plus, we finally rescheduled the MTV live set - it's now January 16th at 6pm. Also appearing that day will be Henry Rollins (can't believe that worked). Anyone who wants an autograph on their SOA on Green's should mail them to us now.

Anyone who would like to help work on our new project entitled "David Eliade and the Anarchist Miracle" should get in touch asap.

Here is some video from the alexisonfire shows last weekend. We got to meet George!

Here is an interview we did with Skyscraper Magazine for their current issue. Matt from PISSED JEANS asked the questions. I hope this hasn't been posted already.

Fucked Up are undeniably one of the most talked-about underground hardcore bands around today. Why do you think that is?

This is something we've pondered as well. The more that i think about
it, i'd have to say this magic we used when we started the band. Its
like how a dull man gets ahead in a novel - usually by cheating. He'll
make a bad deal, or kill someone, or something. We cast a lot of
sigils when we first started the band and forgot about them, only to
later realize a lot of them had worked when other people pointed shit
out to us.

Where did you learn this magic? Is it from the same book of occult that brought glam-screamo into the limelight, and if so, can that spell be reversed?

Haha. yeah the same spells were responsible for bringing the
dance-punk-house-gang of four drum beat back into favour 4 years ago.
Anyhow, I think I got into sigils because of The Invisibles, this
insane comic series that basically touches on every interesting thing
from the last 200 years of history.

It's interesting to me that musically, Fucked Up strip away all the padding and effects and play some of the most basic, inherent punk rock music that could be made. Yet at the same time, through the band's blog and Wikipedia entry, it's clear that Fucked Up is willing to make the most of the current technology available. Were these conscious decisions?

You have to take whats there. None of us know HTML, but
I'm not stupid enough to ignore the interGeoffrey Cohennet, so we just get our info
out through the easiest channels, blogs and user-friendly
encyclopedias. We got into this big argument about wikipedia in the
last interview we did over like the sanctity of truth, and how the
internet is ruining objectivity and realness. This guy Jerid Lanier,
who invented "virtual reality" just wrote an essay called "Digital
" about how wiki sites are turning truth over to the hordes. In
a way he was wrong, because I think the constant whittling done by
millions of people is going to end up with a more concise and valuable
"truth", but he was right in an interesting way. We've always said
that if you are against something, like punks vs mainstream culture,
you have to be REALLY against it, and really FOR everything on the
other side. So in a way, I guess I'm real into "Digital Maoism" -
Mao's deal was that he erased culture from an entire people, he got
rid of everything and replaced it with something else (in his case,
famine, work, eating rats, nuclear weapons, food aid for russia, etc),
but that really gets to it - if we can use the internet to help get
rid of culture, then I'm for it. I always aggravate Pink Eyes by
telling him my favorite movies are like "True Lies" and shit, because
I think by buying into that shit I'm doing my small part to lay waste
to culture, by giving precedence to these monolithic destroying
agents. And so us using the internet to lie and destroy Jerid Laniers
truth, I think is hopefully part of that same process.

That's a pretty interesting take. Certainly, even in science, truths only exist until they are proven wrong, which tends to happen fairly frequently. Why not try to take the music in a more "modern" direction, then, rather than working with a previously established form? What is it that keeps Fucked Up playing barebones punk rock?

We're not really that interested in modern music. The last
time we played at tOmar Ravenhursthe Gilman this kid was making fun of Mr. Jo saying
beyond all the hype Fucked Up is "just a streetpunk band" or
something, which is fine by me. We haven't yet made any real
conscious decisions about our music, we just try to make all the
records really loud and fast, without getting stupid fast. We tried
to make "modern music" when we recorded the LP - we asked the engineer
if he knew how to bounce sounds like Zeferelli (sp) did to make
holophonic sound, but we ran out of time.

(Photo by Emma Lee)

Fucked Up are known for nothing if not their confusing discography, filled with mis-pressings, rejected test presses and what I believe to be a first, "secret" records. I know that a lot of the variations ended up being unintentional, but it certainly helped create a frenzy amongst fans and collectors. If you could go back, would you have wanted to release things differently, or do it all over again?

A lot of the errors still really bum me out, not just because they
represent glaring mistakes we committed to physical objects (like
spelling mistakes, etc), but also that things are so fucked up with
peoples conception of value and scarcity that these botched imperfect
products that were made because of someones error become these sought
after items instead of garbage. I can't tell you how many records
we've destroyed and thrown out because I knew that if we let them
exist they'd become these ridiculous rare mistakes. So I'd want to
fix the mistakes. As for the rest of the discography, I guess it was
pretty calculated, and I'd do it the same. People seem to have a real
love-hate thing with our band, and we sort of have the same
relationship to people we play for. I like that people buy the
records I make, but I also hate them enough to make their lives a bit
more trying, but making records they'll never be aMonty Cantsinble to own. We're
putting out this album that thousands of people are going to buy, but
at the same time we're doing a single that you can only buy in Israel
(the "Two Snakes" single). I guess that's how s-m is supposed to work.
Our band is a real ginger in the rear.

It's definitely interesting to read people complaining about the inability to obtain a rare UK pressing of a single, as if someone is forcing them to own this new variation of songs they already own. It's nice to see a band using this to their advantage. Are you a record collector yourself? Have you ever used rare Fucked Up records in trades? Get anything good?

I collected punk records for like 6 years and soul 45s for two years,
and now I don't collect anything. Pink Eyes has one of the best punk
collections in North America at this point. So many fucking records.
He has trades for FU test presses lined up before they're sent out, he
has got some insane shit.

I can tell that Fucked Up just does their own thing, but there has to be at least a small part of you interested to know how the record-buying public will react to "Hidden World". Is there any type of reaction you're hoping for?

I'm not sure. I mean, we fly on airplanes all the time to get to
shows, we do all this work to put these records out so we certainly
care what people think of us and our music. I'd say you could probably
argue that we react to and are concerned with image and perception
people have of us more than most bands...I hope people like the
record. I hope people just don't say "this is awesome" or like "this
sucks" or "is too long", I hope that it hits peoKaren Eliotple I guess in some
way. There are also some really specific reactions we're looking for,
but again, there's sigils in the art to do do that, so I can't talk
about those ones.

Speaking of "Hidden World", like most any album released on a modest label in 2006, it leaked a few months prior to release and basically anyone with access to a computer could get a copy. Did this really bum you out, or was it just an expected part of the process? Do you think the prevalence of "yousendit" helps or hinders a band like Fucked Up?

It was surprising for like 5 seconds after it showed up on the
internet, before we realized how impossible it would have been to keep
the record under wraps for 5 months. I don't really buy records and I
download a lot of music, so I don't really mind that people can own
the record without paying for it, what irked me is the nature of how
its been experienced because of the internet. We put a lot of effort
to make Hidden World a solid artifact, there are a lot of
interelations between the songs, the lyrics and the art and it kind of
sucks that thousands of people have this incomplete version of the
record. The other thing is that anyone who is eager to talk shit on
Fucked Up can get the record in 10 minutes and start bashing it that
afternoon. The day it got leaked, I was actually working on a fake
version of the record to leak, sort of like the fake Fishscales, but I
was too late. Someone leaked a backwards version of it.
That's a shame, I'd love to hear what the fake version would've sounded like. Right now I'm imagining a few hip-hop remixes and a drone song or two. That's one thing I noticed, Fucked Up, who seem to be a pretty serious band with some heavy subject matter, don't mind being goofy, ie. MP3-only "diss tracks" and Kelly Clarkson covers. Are you concerned that doing lighter things, with a clear sense of humor, might have some detractors relegate the band to "joke" status? Are cover songs and "imaginary" records supposed to be taken with a grain of salt?

Nick from Cold World is remixing "generation" as we speak, i think
he's taking the first few seconds of the guitar line before the drums
come in and looping them over an 808 beat or something. Should be
About that other shit, it's all to create a balance I guess. It sounds
funny, but for me it's easier to take something seriously when it
isn't completely serious. I guess on one level I'm using the lighter
shit to make the heavier stuff even heavier. Also a lot of that sort
of "bonus" stuff that we do is where a lot of the fun of being in a
band is for us. A lot of people kind of roll their eyes to a lot of
stuff that we do, but we're just trying to see what we can get
away with, and really just to confuse people. We don't really have an
agenda and I want there to be a lot of wLuther Blissettays people can perceive this,
so thats why we try and wear a lot of different hats. The next
project we are going to start working on once Mr. Jo gets back from
Japan is the "David Comes To Life" musical, and me and him are going
to score a film for David Eliade.

Don't forget about all this shit too:

Fri January 19th
St Catherine's Ontario
Benefit for YouthAids
@ The Red Square 241 St. Paul St.
6PM $6 Minors $8 Over 19

Sat January 20th
Guelph Ontario
@ Punkalow House 40 Derry St.
7PM $5

Sat January 27th
Kingston Ontario
@ Venue TBA

Sat February 3rd
Peterborough Ontario
@ Underdog 189 Hunter St
10PM $10 19+

Wed February 7th
Waterloo Ontario
@ Venue TBA

Fri February 9th
Toronto Ontario
@ The Horseshoe
Wavelength Anniversary Party

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Premier P-P-P-Premier

Thanks to Marc and VIDEOfact for finally hooking up that money. Last weekend we made our video. It cost $20,000. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Here is some exclusive content. This interview with our enemies will be published in a Russian Fanzine and was submitted to by long time FU fan Jonah Falco.

It is possible to take interview for Russian punk-zin Punks and Anarchy?
Yes no problem! Please send us a few copies when it's done, would love
to see it.
If yes, отведте on the given questions: From occurrence of your group, what
that has changed, for example-public?

We have had different bass players and drummers since the beginning of thge band, so that is the most commonly changing thing. But, if anything has changed since the beginning it's that we now have a steady lineup. Lots of people know about Career Suicide now, we are giving an interview in a Russian zine, afterall. which is fact all the exposure is nice since we're from Canada which is not
always the first place people look to for hardcore punk. What yours намеренья in будующем?
Maybe you could tell me what a hamepehbr in 6yaymowem is? Lublana je Bulana?
Your concerts it is spent rough слэмом and пого.-before concerts you prepare as that morally or physically?
Haha no preparation unfortunately. We have no rituals for performance. Just plug in, volume and speed. Maybe if we visit Russia we will prepare by having a traditional National drink or two. Horse milk and herbs I heard?
From frequent rounds you still have free time on itself?
It's gets to be a little like living two lives when things get too frequent. In the past year, the band has done 3 major tours and recorded two records worth of material. Splitting that with a job and school gets to feel a little much at times, but it is usually worth it. In a way, the hard work is the luxury cause we get to go to cool places. PS invite us to Russia. I want to play soviet guitars and see your cities one day, band or not!
Whether During rounds were what that серьозные problems, for example отменение concerts?
Again, some of the key words in this sentence were in cyrillic, so I dont totally understand, but i'll take a guess. We have never really had too many problems when we play. Currently we are experiencing troubles getting into the United States to play as the border policies are not very receptive or in tune to 'DIY' touring and what that entails. As far as they are concerned any band = musicians and musicians = people trying to make money. iF you are not a US citizen, "making money" in the states is against the law. So that is often a problem and concern when travelling to play there. If by problems and "otmehehne concerts" you mean crazy stuff happening or fights or just a really good show?
Album-No Bullshit 7 ", tell about it about what it and what has affected its creation?
No Bullshit is a compilation put out by our good friends Brandon and Lauren. It is the first in (hopefully) a series of compilations showcasing bands that they love. The bands all play a similar style of hardcore punk. Since it has come out nothing really monumental has happened, but it's just number one. Hopefully more people find out about smaller, cool bands from the States and around the world because of it.
What your tastes in the musical plan?
Career Suicide has pretty varied tastes despite how the records sound. As much as the music probably sounds just like punk it is informed by many other things. The strongest influence is probably late 70s punk with some extra emphasis on the Ramones. That influence is filtered through our own hyperactivity and further tastes in the hardcore that followed (ie it gets faster....but not too fast).The sound also comes from a lot of mid 60s 'garage punk' and more popular rock and roll of that late 60s early 70s era (Alice Cooper, Pretty Things, Count Five, Crushed Butler, Small Faces, Troggs, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Fred Hughes etc...). Also having toured great places like Europe and Japan, we have been exposed to alot of bands from other countries and subsequently been affected by the attitudes and aptitudes with which
they play their music. We are all young-ish (oldest member is 27), though, and most of our tastes are in music that was recorded many years ago, music we are too young to have experienced first hand, so maybe in that respect we become too referrential or fall too heavily into a niche, but i think understanding the overall progression of 'punk' music through a number of different styles all contribute to an overall more enjoyable experience. This is the reason a band like Career Suicide can exist to talk about all this music and I can wear a REPULSION t-shirt while we try and learn a cover by the GUNS or the HOLLYWOOD SQUARES. You know?
Can allocate not bad groups under your discretion.
New groups or old groups?
Current: Government Warning, Carbonas, Jay Reatard, Forward, Crow, Pissed Jeans, Cardiac Arrest, Direct Control, Busy Signals, Vee Dee, Complicite Candide, Slowmotions Old: the Primitives, NYC Mayhem, Jerry's Kids, the Bags, Eppu Normaali
(1st LP), Shotgun Solution, Darling Buds, Faces, Sir Lord Baltimore, David Axelrod, Pankrti, Unruled, Nosebleeds, Cockney Rejects, Subhumans (CANADA!), Brian Eno
Ка you concern to capitalism and democracy?
Capitalism and democracy can cause very much concern, yes, but I am maybe not the right person to talk about the realities of those concerns. I have it kind of easy I think. There are people who are victimized by our political system, but I am the wrong person to speak to that. Canadian society, despite what some might say -- and there are exceptions -- is fairly utopian....and I offer that sentiment not as a huge patriotic hurrah or anything, but as far as the Canadian perspective on democracy worldwide is concerned there are but a few kinks here, and many problems with the outward projections of this political system elsewhere. Is that sort of what you are asking? Career Suicide the band is not really political.
Whether there Is at you what that vital principles?
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy
Your group often name the priest-punk group, you agree with it?
Priest punk??? I don't know what that means haha. Um our old drummer said he wants to become a priest, but we think he is being a weirdo. He's in a rock band, too. It would be like a rockin' priest. I don't imagine that would fly in the Russian Orthodox would it?
What you will advise a plate? - (favourite albums)
Ok here is a quick top ten:
Ramones - s/t
Troggs - Love is All Around
Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request/Between the Buttons
Slaughter & The Dogs - Do it Dog Style
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
Undertones - s/t
Judgement - Just Be
Kinks - Arthur
Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa
the Mob - Step Forward/Raw Power - Screams from the Gutter.
Thanks very much for the interview.