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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hi - some of you apparently didn't get your copy of your santa photo on saturday - if this is the case please get in touch with David Eliade who is dealing with this matter: vibrationandhum @

Speaking of David, he just wrote a piece for the Observer Music Blog in the UK about the process of recording David Christmas (speaking of that, it's sold out so don't ask! Rotate This records in Toronto will have copies in store late this week):

When I explained to the band Fucked Up, a band I managed to wrestle creative control of several years ago, that this year they would be recording a special Christmas 45rpm single, boy were they upset with me. The day started with me flying into Toronto, their home town in Canada. When I woke them all up at 5am to begin the day of recording, they had hardly even gotten down to bed from the intense mind melting from the previous evening. Gulag, their rhythm guitar player (by the way, the band all take "punk names" to displace their given names) had become entangled in the rope I had installed in their flat in order for them to maintain top fitness levels. Upon waking up he immediately began protesting the idea on the grounds that he is Jewish, but also that the idea was "lame". Hoping to save the discussions for later, I loaded them all into the taxi and we made our way to the gym.
Every great manager knows that all good recording sessions begin with a fast
and an intense workout regimen. Having spent the previous week on a strict diet of beet juice and grade B maple syrup, the band was now completely divested of epicurean influence and were now ready to tone their bodies in a similar fashion. In order to produce the most striking and wholesome notes in the studio, I believe it necessary for the body to be drained of sleep, food, and then to be shaken violently through
vigorous exercise into a state of heightened awareness verging on uncontrollable fear. After 3 hours of laps and push ups, their bodies were as hollow as used toilet paper tubes, and I could already hear the music reverberating inside their deep mental cavities. Exhausted to the point of paranoia, the band entered the studio at around 3pm, at which point I immediately forced "Pink Eyes", the singer, to start cold-calling a finely tuned list of celebrities whose phone numbers I had amassed from years of living life on the finest edge of civilization. While one phone would be connected to Jarvis Cocker, the next would be dialing the late Peter Greene - all in the interests of securing their holiday greetings for the project. Pink Eyes was visibly nervous to be talking to such luminaries to the extent that he began shaking uncontrollably while the phone rang through to Dennis Pennis, it was all worth it in the end as the collection of stars that made it onto the record would make the Queen herself gasp in jealousy.
The bside completed, the band was ready to record the music that would become the song "David Christmas", the 2nd in a series of numbers in deference to yours truly. I could tell that they were excited to be paying tribute to me in such a creative way, even though I wrote all the music and the lyrics and told them if this wasn't picked as the aside to the 7" that they would have to forgo even the beet juice for the next 3 weeks and would have to live on a healthy but lean diet of bee pollen.
As the music rose out from their enfeebled bodies, as take after take was cut short by tears or fainting, as the music became so loud and forceful that it became like a wind that blew the band around the control room like leaves in a gust of winter air, I knew that indeed it was that special time of year again. To everyone who hears these joyful carols, these instant classic seasonal offerings, to everyone who sits down by the fire with a loved one to these modern bells of hope and love, it is from the bottom of our spent bodies that we wish you a David Christmas one and all.

Speaking of which, if you are one of the a-list celebs who appeared on the record and need a few copies, please send your home address and cell numbers to David.

Our friend Greg has been working on a DVD of those shows we, along with many other bands, played back in October:

We will have more ordering instructions soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

omegas exxxcessive force!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo guys, any chance footage from that christmas show will be available anyhow?

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still have footage from day one before my camera shit itself.. excellent CS/homostupids/millenial reign footage. hot nude brutal knights shots too.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Donofthedead said...

I love that picture of Imants!

11:22 PM  
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