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Monday, June 30, 2008


Yo we are going away for a while, to the UK and Spain and Ireland where things are sweeter and prettier. For Portuglands and Engospaniards - don't forget to come see us at all the expensive festivals:

July 3 UK Chatham @ Tap and Tin
July 4 UK Kent @ Zoo8 Festival
July 5 FR Belford @ Eurockenees
July 6 CH( that means Switzerland, believe it or not) @ Dynamo
July 8 ESP Benidorn @ Abraxas
July 9 ESP Barcelona @ Nitsa
July 10 ESP Getaria @ Gaztetxe
July 11 SP Madrid @ Sala El Sol
July 12 GB Glasgow @ T in the Park
July 13 UK Birmingham @ Super Sonic
July 14 UK London @ Water Rats

Aug 17 NED @ Lowlands
Aug 18 UK Brighton @ TBA
Aug 19 UK London @ TBA
Aug 20 IRE Belfast @ Limelight
Aug 21 IRE Dublin @ Whelans
Aug 22 BEL Ieper @ Ieperfest
Aug 23 UK Reading @ Reading Festival
Aug 24 UK Leeds @ Leeds Festival
Aug 25 UK Bradford @ 1 and 12
Aug 26 UK TBA @ TBA

Hey, speaking of Canada - thanks to everyone who helped us out at Sled Island in Calgary on the weekend, it was great (seriously).

Thanks specifically to the following:
Craig and Zak
Fernando Torres
Basketball (the band)
Katie Stelmanis (for being cool and not remembering who we were)
Sergio Ramos
The one guy from Wire
The guy who got us passes for catering
Marcos Senna
Sean Carlson:

Plus, here is a new song from the LP to tide you over while we're away.

By the way, here is Jack Osbornes number, courtesy of the naked guy above: 310.402.4896


These pics by Mimi Cabell are from our show at Suny Purchase from a while ago. You can tell how bummed we are.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Royal Swan

Feathers collect from the milk and the bones of the dead
Expressions of lives passed away live on in their debt
The journey begins from the tail of a swan at the end
Tributes below colour spaces above and the Sun

The weight of the world is measured in cells
And specks that collect; the foundation compels
The ladders of life to correct and upraise
Reflections of prey charge the predators gaze

Wearing the face of the quarry it takes
The swan shows the blood as a mask on its face
Expressing the the water and milk in embrace, and the Sun

The flames of life extinguish and fire
To impel the distinguished beyond the expired
The spark is renewed as the torch is propelled
The swan song crescendo to bid death farewell
The journey ends with a swan at the top the earth

Facing the sky as the ultimate sum
Of the lives that it chose to survive,
And shine back at the sun

To take the world between your bill/
To leave enough and have your fill
To leave the water but drink the milk to be a royal swan/
To spin the wool with silk to be a royal swan

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We can Build You

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mixtape 3.2.0

Here is another promo/preview for the Fucked Up Mixtape, Volume 3. The physical version will come out in October 2008, around the same time as ChemCom is released. In the meantime here are a few demos, teasers, and interviews. Download HERE.

1) The Omen OST - Main Title
Jon Drew had just bought this when we were tracking all the first guitars at Halla Studios, and was constantly playing it between takes. We had to scrap most of the bed guitars because they were out of tune (again).

2) Fucked Up - ChemCom interlude
The new album has a few musical interlude-style songs. This is part of one of them.

3) Fucked Up - Chemistry of Common Life demo/album/demo versions
This is to try and show how a song is built - we originally thought we were going to have to write this LP in a very short amount of time. We had planned to make ChemCom our last record for Jade Tree Records, and wanted to get out of the contract, and off the label, as soon as possible - this was in probably October of 2007. We had gone down to New York to talk to Matador, and on the way home made the early plans for our 2nd album - it would have 4 songs on side 1, and a re-recording on "Looking for Gold" as the entire bside, like Pink Floyds "Meddle" LP, where "Echoes" takes up the entire second side. We spent the rest of October and December frantically writing songs and wrote 8 or 9 songs before Christmas, and were constantly making and re-making demos of them. By the time the songs were written we had decided there was no way we were staying with Jade Tree for a second album, and made our intention clear to a) leave the label and b) make the album a full length with 10-12 songs. Anyhow, this track represents about 4 or 5 different versions of "Chemistry of Common Life", including the first riff that I recorded onto my answering machine, a full band demo, Mr. Jo's bedroom-demo, the unmixed studio version, and the mastered album version. So you can see how things moving quickly end up taking forever - we hatched the idea for the album in October 2007, started recording it in December 2007, finished recording in June 2008, and the record will be released in October 2008.

4) Interview with Ox Fanzine (Germany)
One of the best interviews we've done as a band, backstage before, during, and after a show in Munchen (I think) Germany. I never saw the paper version of the zine, but we managed to get wav. files of the whole thing.

5) Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To
A cool tune by a up and coming NY band. These ladies contribute backup harmonies to several songs on ChemCom and have just started to work with In The Red Records.

6) Fucked Up - No God (GERMS cover)
We were once on a compilation called "Toronto City Omnibus" released by Schizophrenic Records, who also released our first live LP. Craig had the idea to release a re-working of the Yes LA compilation, and have Toronto bands do versions of all the songs. We were given "No God" by the Germs, but really had no time to do a proper recording. So I put the song on my ipod, and played it by putting the headphone speakers onto my guitar pickups and looped a bit of the song with looping pedal in my room, and then played bullshit effects on it for 5 minutes. We sent it to Craig and never heard back.

7) Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
This is an amazing song by a band that had several records on the venerable Sarah Records, a UK label that released more than 100 indie pop and "twee" records in the late 80s and early 90s. We got permission to record this song by Henry himself, and it appears as the bside to the UK "Year of the Pig" 7" single on Matador.

8) Fucked Up - Looking for God
Another interlude. This was originally written as the intro for the new recording of Looking for Gold (which has yet to be recorded). Fucked Up isn't a religious band, and the religious imagery used in art and lyrics is rarely meant in a literal sense.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey we Changed our Name Again

Now we are called Fuck Alexis Petridis.

Here is our new video

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hi we just confirmed a show in Bradford.

August 25th 2008
@1 In 12 Club, 21-23 Albion St
,, West Yorkshire,


Also we signed to Matador.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey we're playing Sled Island in Calgary in a few weeks:

@ Vern's (622 8 Ave SW)

@ Royal Canadian Legion #1 (117 7 Ave SE)

@ Palomino Smokehouse (109 7 Ave SW)

Weird addresses.
Here is something.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Now all thats left is the questions - who is putting it out? How much did it cost? How long is it? When will it be out? How many singles are coming with it? These are the mysteries! (to you anyhow).
As you can see from the picture, the preferred short form for the record will be "ChemCom".
Feel free to download the record HERE.

The Algebras of the Earth
Speak the worth to draft the laws
The Vale the midwife birth the key
The Chemistry of Common life
Life the speck on the bone
Grown to size by the poems
Coax the passions from the stone
The Chemistry of Common life
Iron antlers fill the sky
Metal organs fertilize
Sparks and ingots come alive
The Chemistry of Common Life
The Chemistry of Common Life
Here but for the spinning of a sphere
Electric skies and vibrations rise
The breach, the birth, the seed inside
The Chemistry of Common Life
Silver plated chaste embryo
Awakened by the touch from the mater
The mother, the magnificence, the matter
The river of steel that flows from high
Holy rods unite the dead to god
Creation, the seal opens to touch the sky
Aflame with life it burns beyond
To proclaim a marriage, a chemical bond
The Chemistry of Common Life
Eruptions from below the sleeping face
Molten veins and golden grains
The power, the ecstacy, the grace
The Chemistry of Common Life
Here but for the spinning of a sphere
Tease the heavens that sanctify the sky
Liquid life poured down excites the ores
Ignite the crust inseminate the dust
The cultured quartz that rises high
The stone refined that lives and shines
Be the vessel, be the knife
Stone and metal come to life
In the crux the cross divine
The shell, the purpose, the sublime
Fill the chalice with the blade
Wed the maker to the made
Grow the divine from profane
Let the shining never fade
Between the Crystal and the Womb
Astride the pistil and the tomb
Create from parts that were a man
the stars, to hum their song again
Fill the chalice with the blade
Wed the maker to the made
Grow the divine from profane
Let the shining never fade

Monday, June 02, 2008


Hi here is the latest info for shows in the EU and UK this summer.

July 3
Catham Kent UK
@ The Tap and Tin

July 4
Kent UK
Zoo8 Festival

July 5
Belfort France
Eurokennes Festival
with our friends VAMPIRE WEEKEND and CSS

July 6
Zurich Switzerland
@ Dynamo

July 8
Benidorn Spain
@ Abraxas

July 9
Barcelona Spain
@ Nitsa

July 10
Getaria Spain
@ Gaztetxe

July 11
Madrid Spain
@ Sal El Sol

July 12
Scotland UK
T in the Park
some stage with MINUS THE BEAR

July 13
Birminghamd UK
Supersonic Festival
right after that band EARTH

July 14
London UK
@ Water Rats in Kings Cross
7pm 8 Pounds

Then from July 15-August 16 chill out zone in Spain. Also Jonah does the UK again with is loser band Career Suicide

August 17
Lelystad Holland
Lowlands Festival
Charlie Stage

Aug 20
Belfast Ireland
@ Limelight

Aug 21
Dublin Ireland
@ Whelans

Aug 22
Gent Belgium
@ Ieper Fest

Aug 23
Reading UK
@ Reading Festival

Aug 24
Leeds UK
@ Leeds Festival

There will be a few shows in the West Coast US at the end of August and the first week of Sept.

Plus proabably a few more.