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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Here is a half-workout sized mix for those of you who like to powerslam IRL. I hope you like tempo changes, because this is not beatmatched.

The Rockets - On the Road Again
'Lectric Workers - Robot is Systematic
Lisa - Rocket to Your Heart
Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy
Knight Action - Single Girl
Neon - Skydiver
Ellie Warren - Satellites
Earlene Bentley - I'm Living my Own Life
'Lectric Workers - Robot is Systematic (AGAIN!)
Alden Tyrell - Love Explosion
Freak Eletronique - Symphonie Electronique
BWH - Stop
Mr Flagio - Take a Chance


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we please see a video of 10000000 marbelos dancing to this?

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Goldankauf said...

She looks great!

11:48 AM  
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