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Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


HEY EVERYONE. Here are some things I learned about the band from reading the comments section:

We are playing Chaos With Texas. I'm not sure what day or whatever, but we played the first or second one and it was a real blast - there is a video from that show that is one of our top-ten ever youtubes, featuring Cassie. What you probably didn't know, is that we are playing in Houston the day before Austin, for some other fest, the name of which I forget right now.

We are playing NYC again in a few weeks at NYU. I'm not sure if you can go if you don't attend the school, but I bet you can. Lightning Bolt was going to play, but they aren't now for some reason. Maybe you know? It's on Feb 11th or 10th, I can't remember which one. We might also play a college in Boston the day before! Don't worry about the rest of that week tho - Jonah is flying right to England after.

We're going to Australia also to see our friend Stefan and to play a few shows with Slayer. It's on a big festival where you play a show, hang around in the town for a few days, fly to the next town, etc. We're going all the way to Perth even and the best part is that the guy from Iron Maiden is flying the plane in between all the shows, just like the time he flew Liverpool FC to Bucharest or wherever it was this year. I already posted the dates on the blog comments section a few weeks ago, so you can go check there if you really need to know. What you didn't know is here are the non-fest shows:
March 2 - Sydney - Manning Bar with Terror and H20
March 3 - Melbourne - Corner Hotel with The Bronx (this is sold out)

We are all excited very excited to swim in your oceans, be stung by your box jellyfish, eat your lamingtons and make fun of people from New Zealand with you. Also a few of us are coming a few days early to hang out and do disaster relief in Brisbane (just kidding we are coming to go surfing) so if you wanna hang get in touch.

Another new thing is right now I'm sitting in a studio in NY finishing our new album. You may have noticed that we haven't put out a new record in more than 3 years. Well let me tell you who did notice - our record label. Since June we have been hard at work writing songs and then recording them - so hard that we eventually wrote like 40 songs and I'm not even kidding. We started recording it in late September and have been basically going at it since then except for when we were in Europe in November. We've already used 4 different studios. It has been really grueling but fun. It's 2.30 in the morning right now and you should see how much hair I have on my face.

I wasn't really supposed to say anything yet because it's not done (it will be done this week) but Damian and Jonah kind of spilled the beans already this week so tevs. If anyone from like a magazine or a blog asks, it's not a "rock opera", but between you and me it is. Here is some legit info:
Artist: Fucked Up
Genre: More punk than the last one, more melodies tho also
Format: double LP/CD
Boxlot: 12
Release Date: May (ish)
Tracks: 18
Label: Matador Records
RIYL: Husker Du, The Who, GooGoo Dolls
Engineer: Shane Stoneback
Type: "Rock Opera"

We're also gonna release a lot more multimedia connected to the album that should be really fun (for us). Stay tuned!

I did a mix for my friend James last week - check it out HERE or download it HERE.

ALSO I'm gonna do more cover explanations but I don't have a scanner. Basically if you want me to talk about one of our record covers, post a good quality scan of the artwork somewhere and we'll take it from there.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011