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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


See you there dudes.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hey we are playing in NY tommorow - at NYU. We think it will be really fun. Lightning Bolt was originally going to play but they aren't anymore. Bummer. I think we play at 10pm - it's $5 if you are a student there, and $7 if you are just a regular person, which is still pretty cheap. We are going to be playing a few songs from our new record, so if you come to this you will be the first to hear them, other than the thousands of Germans and French people and Spanish people who had to sit through us while they waited for the Arcade Fire to come on.

Here is a video of the last time (I think) we played in NY - last summer at the North Side Festival. That was a fun show but was weird because it was set up inside a cement baseball diamond, and then it started raining. Plus we played Triumph of Life (jk). You should have seen the catering though.

Show Me.//Fucked Up from Show Me on Vimeo.

*The password should be gone soon* (no, that is not the password)

Anyhow, here are the infos:

8pm doors (?) $5/$7
NYU Kimmel Center (E&L Auditorium, 4th floor)
60 Washington Sq South
NY, NY 10012

some other bands

Monday, February 07, 2011


Hi, our new album is finished. You may remember last time we finished a full length album I made a funny post that counterposed the mastered CD I got sent in the mail by the mastering company against a screen shot from my laptop computer of 2001 "A Space Odyssey" where the earth is eclipsing the moon and the moon is being eclipsed by the sun at the same time or something, and then put the CDR right on the screen as if it was eclipsing the entire thing. A lot of you probably didn't understand what was going on in the picture, especially because I posted the lyrics from the title track that contains shit like "The Vale the midwife birth the key", which I myself don't even really understand. Then I posted a link where you could download the entire album, but it was actually a link to the newly released album by the band Cut Copy, and I guess a lot of people fell for it because there were a lot of nasty comments to that particular post, and this was before people only came to this blog to make fun of me. Nowaways Cut Copy is really famous, and we're just semi-famous, so who really won? Anyhow, this is not a competition. Especially since our album would later go on to receive a score of 8.8 on popular website "pitchfork" and their new album only got an 8.6. But anyhow, the fact that as many people fell for that as did is kind of a bummer - why would we release our new album for free on our blog the day we got it back from the mastering plant?

Back to the point, fast forward to the present and we have another completely full length album. It's more than 3 years later and a lot of things have changed since I made the original Chemcom post. For one, there are no longer such things as "CDR's". In case you are of average age (17) and have no idea what these are - they were little floppy plastic circular disks that stored music and video games made for PC computers ("personal computers", kind of pre-cursor devices to ipods that were used to download mp3s from sites like "kazaa" and facilitate the playing of such games as "solitaire"). Back in those days when you needed to store and transport large amounts of data (less than 700 megabytes) you would open up a program like "toast" and spend 25 minutes "burning" a CDR - that is, putting the data right onto the physical disk. Then you would put the disc in the "mail" and after 2 or 3 weeks the disc would arrive at some other location on planet earth.

Well that's what happened with our last record. It got mastered somewhere in America, and a few weeks later the album-containing disc was delivered to my hand by a Canadian mail-delivery person, and I inserted it into my "cd player" (a device used to listen to music on these cds) and played it until I got bored (about 14 minutes later) at which point I continued to use up the "telephone" "land-line" to search for techno mp3s on "soulseek".

Today I was sent a copy of our new album by an ftp server and loaded it right onto my ipod. I'm not even sure that it touched my desktop on its way to its final place of rest. It was mastered at 8.37pm on February 7th 2011 and at 11.11pm on February 7th 2011 I have already finished listening to half of it, and plan on finishing the other half before February 9th 2011 (it is a really long album). Concurrently with that, our label general Manager has ALREADY finished a complete listening of the album, at his home in New York City. Despite this relative quickness, you yourself have no hope of hearing this album for at least a few weeks before it is leaked by some cretin on a torrent site. But for now enjoy this blurry picture of it's existence on my personal ipod

ANYWAYS feel free to download our new album "David Comes To Life" right HERE.
(update - lest anyone think [and by extension sue] I was actively trying to leak another band's new album, I took the original link down. If you still want the original joke [that I leaked the new Cut Copy album for the 2nd album running {which is funny not only because it's another band's album rather than ours, but also because of the stark contrast offered by both bands musical style}] to have the same effect you can click right HERE to actually download the new Cut Copy album, which is a link to where I got it from [google]. You are all in luck though because the new link IS ACTUALLY OUR NEW RECORD.)