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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yo Feist is doing a song with Sloan at our show tonight. Might want to bust over there - their set starts in 2 minutes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Toronto Today

Hey thanks to everyone that came out last night, the show was like, really good. Just wanted to remind everyone about the show TONIGHT that we're throwing, same place, same time, same whatever. Tickets still left at the door! Let's blow it out. Here are the approx set times:

10:30 - Sloan
9:30 - The Rural Alberta Advantage
8:45 - Ohbijou
8:00 - Bonjay

And after party at the Garrison - set times as follows:

11:15 - Army Girls
12:00 - Tropics
12"45 - US Girls
1:30 - Burning Love

Toronto! So many great bands.

Heya, this is tommorow. Hope to see you all there - there are a FEW tickets we're holding at the door so hope it all works out. Here are the set times:

8:00 - Quest For Fire
8:45 - PS I Love You
9:30 - The Sadies
10:30 - Fucked Up

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey if you didn't get a chance to watch us play DCTL for the first time in NY and don't live in Toronto/don't have a ticket/not interested/lazy/busy/weird and therefor aren't going to see us do it in a few days, good news, you can watch it on youtube. Pitchfork filmed the whole thing with like 50 different cameras and have been gaffering and key-gripping it and have finally released the entire thing. We also got Shane Stoneback, who recorded the album, do record the sound at the show so look forward to that at some point too. We're also planning on releasing a sequel, "David Comes To Life 2; Electric Boogaloo", produced by Diplo, so that should be cool. Anywayz:

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Anyways, as you can see the embed code doesn't work. Feel free to just click THIS link and do it yourself thanks.

Oh also, if you still don't have a christmas present for your aunt or your teacher and you think they might want to hang out with like a thousand wild indie rockers on a boat, we have special 10% off coupons - check it:

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hey, if you haven't got tickets to the 2 benefit shows we're presenting in Toronto yet, I feel sorry for you. They aren't sold out, but seriously, where are your priorities? Luckily, there are two ways you can WIN tickets from our friends at NOW and CUPE. Just click those links.

See you next in Brooklyn tommorrow night. If we fall asleep during our set it's because we are mega-jet lagged, not because we disrespect you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hi, it's 9am in Auckland, we're up early watching Chelsea V Manchester City. Ben is talking to himself and yelling at the TV even tho City is winning. Maybe he's still asleep? Tonight we're playing our last show with Foo Fighters, at Western Springs Stadium. For us the tour felt like one giant spa-vacation with a bit of music involved. I watched the entire Foo Fighters set in Sydney and it was honestly jaw-dropping. After, we are having a big party, then spending the next 34 hours getting home. If you are in Vancouver and want to bring us presents at 7am, we have a really long stop-over.

Anyways a bunch of news today:

Here is our new video, for "Turn the Season" directed again by Scott Cudmore and featuring Richard Dreyfuss:

We are also on the cover of Spin this month. I had a subscription to Spin when I was 13 and basically read it cover to cover every month. Also they gave us record of the year for "Octavio made the Bomb". Just kidding, for DCTL.

TONIGHT we're also gonna be on an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain doing our rendition of "Jingle Bells". Should be fun. Depending on what time zone you are in, this may already have happened.

IT HAPPENED: Here is the video.

Also don't forget you can order YEAR OF THE TIGER here and here. It makes an excellent stocking stuffer (when it comes out on Feb 26).

Lastly, there are still some tickets left to our benefit jams in Toronto next week. Please read about the charities and buy tickets here!

Oh also we're playing in Brooklyn with Dom and Radical Dads, basically as soon as we get off the plane from Australia. Get ticekts to see our jet-lagged selves HERE.

Wow what a lot of hyperlinks. If you need a recap please click HERE.

Friday, December 09, 2011


Hey here are some random things, well just one actually. On Dec 21st, the 2nd night of our xmas benefit shows, Sloan is going to be playing the full One Chord to Another. The thing about Sloan is that EVERYONE LOVES SLOAN and this will be amazing.

ALSO CHECK THE AFTER PARTY FLIER ABOVE. There are no advance tickets for the after party so just chill and come on by.

ALSO we're gonna be selling a split 7" we did with Sloan at this show as well. You can hear their side if you look for it on the internet. Our side is a cover of JINGLE BELLS. You can still get tickets for this thing at Soundscapes and Rotate and maybe some other places, and also at our webstore right HERE.

Plus don't forget YEAR OF THE TIGER is up for pre-order HERE.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Year of the Tiger

Hey this is finally done and ready for sale. Sorry it took so long - we actually finished recording most of this thing before we even started writing DCTL. We thought that Chinese custom meant that Tiger was two years, like having to repeat grade 6...we were wrong. Anyways, it's honestly one of the best things we've ever done, both sides. Pre-order it HERE.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Hey today we're doing our last of 3 shows in Melbourne, what a great place to spend 5 days. When we get back home there are a few things going on that you might want to be involved in. First thing, we're gonna be back in NY in a few weeks to play the Brooklyn Bazaar. Not really sure what that is but I'm sure there will be lots of muffins and xmas knick knacks you can grab. Plus it's all ages and only $10.

Then when we get back we're putting on these two amazing shows in Toronto that we've talked about already. The SADIES will now also be playing the Dec 20th show, and RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE is gonna play the show on the 21st, should be great and all for a great cause:

Tickets for the FU show are HERE
and tickets for the Sloan show are HERE.

Also, for those of you in Toronto with cable, we're on the George Strombolopolous show "tonight", whatever that means, cause we're on like a 16 hour time difference. Also we have a new video for "Turn the Season" premiering on the 14th of Dec, so set your internet clocks for that.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Just wanted to drop a note to congratulate Jonah (from Fucked Up) for his grammy noms today - not many ppl know this but Jonah grew up playing in Jazz ensembles around Toronto, which is why he now shreds on the drums. He has been doing some side stuff lately and picked up a couple of nominations with some records he played on, namely BEST IMPROVISED JAZZ SOLO for "Sonnymoon for Two" with the Sonny Rollins Band, and also for BEST LARGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE ALBUM for his work with the Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. NICE ONE JONAH (this is true - look it up).