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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Hey everyone - sorry for the lack of updates lately. I don't want people to get the impression we are slowing down or "dead" or whatever.  This summer we did a bit of a re-evaluation but for the most part have all come out of it more inspired and excited about the band and whats happening next.  Mostly though there have been a lack of updates because we've been having some relaxed times over the summer and there hasn't been much to report or write about.  Josh and Shiri have been taking care of Lior since the winter, and Damian and Lauren have just had Dorian.  Some of us have been doing little side bands you will hear or have heard, others are drifting around travelling, and such.  We just had a bit of a busy period - 2 weeks ago we played FujiRock Festival in Japan and had a bit of a mini-vacation in Tokyo, and then this previous weekend we played Sappyfest in Sackville New Brunswick.  You couldn't play two more different festivals anywhere on earth but both were amazing and re-vitalizing. We had 2 full days to hang around Tokyo before driving to Mount Naeba on the other side of the country where the festival was - we stayed on the grounds in maybe the biggest hotel I've ever seen in my life, maybe the biggest building.  The last time we played in Japan it was a bit underwhelming and strange so we were all a bit nervous to play again, especially since we flew out just to play the one show, but the set was great and surprising.
Queen of Hearts We flew home for a few days of intense jetlag and then flew to Moncton for Sappyfest, which is a special little festival in Sackville that I hope we end up at again. Touching Buddah Now we're in the middle of a little break until we leave again for the west coast, including Mexico City which is somewhere else we've never been:
This whole time also we've been working on a new record which we will start recording in the fall/winter. It will be a bit different but should be great, I hope. In the next few weeks we'll have more info about shows in England, Europe, Asia (?), Australia and more for the fall/winter. See yous.