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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Hey so we're looking for an in-person real-life intern to do various fun essential Fucked Up Universe tasks.  You will get to hang out with us in the FU-Annex area in Toronto and get to be part of the world and do lots of fun unpaid stuff.  The age bracket is 18-28 and you have to live in Toronto.  We are really serious about this and it's not a joke. If you are cool and want a free t-shirt email IANEND@HOTMAIL.COM

HI. So thanks to everyone who guessed at where we'll be going in the fall - everyone who guessed right will be getting free tickets to those shows. For the rest of you, I'd like to invite you to buy tickets to these great shows:
Nov 14 - Manchester - Deaf Institute
Nov 15 - Birmingham - Rainbow TICKETS
Nov 16 - Brighton - Coalition TICKETS
Nov 17 - London - Alexandra Palace w/ The Vaccines
Nov 18 - Amsterdam - Paradiso
Nov 19 - Cologne - Gebaude 9 TICKETS
Nov 20 - Tampere - Klubi
Nov 21 - Helsinki - Tavastia
Nov 22 - Istanbul - Babylon TICKETS

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi friends, we just got back from a great trip to the west coast - we liked it so much we're going back tommorow.  Please feel free to catch up with us:

Sept 14 - Victoria @ Rifflandia Festival
Sept 15 - Vancouver @ Fortune Sound Club

Speaking of going right back - no sooner have we gotten over our jet-lag from Japan last month are we booking our tickets back for the Hostess Club Weekender - check out our renderings in this flyer done by the great Takashi Murakami:

So that's November 3rd.  Thanks to the miracle of modern time travel, we'll be playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin (Texas, not Austin Prefecture, Tokyo) THE NEXT DAY.  I think our flight from Tokyo leaves at the same time (clockwise) as our set starts in Austin.

Plus, check out all this half-announced special (tentative) stuff:

Oct 12 - Tubby
Oct 13 - Dog

Nov 14 - Banksy
Nov 15 - Black Sabbath
Nov 16 - Pies
Nov 17 - London @ Ally Pally w/ The Vaccines
Nov 18 - Weed
Nov 19 - Perfume
Nov 20 - Backstage Sauna
Nov 21 - Black Licorice
Nov 22 - Hookah's

Dec 22 - Special end of the world party (not kidding)


Ok this is a bit more series - we're running a special series of events in Toronto this winter aimed at bridging gaps between the various forms of cool artworks and performances that go on by cool people in our great city.  This events will run monthly through the winter at The Great Hall and involve music, dance, comedy, video works, food, drama, everything we can think of and connect to.  Expect monthly programs to be immersive and interactive and really fun and different.  If you or someone you know is involved in something artistic and unique please get in touch to be a part of these events!  The first one is November 9th in Toronto at the Great Hall.