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Monday, December 24, 2012


Hey, every band person on earth it seems like this year is doing a top ten, and since I only listened to about 4 new records in 2012, I thought I would present you with the (top) ten times I ran into the band Ceremony in 2012.  Ceremony is a band we have been running into for years.  In 2005 when we were touring the squats of Europe, we ran into them in our sleeping chambers behind the venue in Hamburg, because they were on a long drive and were crashing there for the night, because that is how touring the squats of Europe works.  In 2006 when we were waiting for the guy from AFI to come eat Fat Slice with us in Berkeley after we played the Gilman (with Ceremony [I think]), we ran into Ceremony and then followed them and the guy from AFI to his house, where we were hoping to spend the night, until he texted us from one car in front at 2am and told us he was "too tired" to have us over, so we should find some place else to stay.  When we were hanging out with Sex Vid (remember them?) in 2007 in Seattle and they had just made "Geremony" shirts or something, we didn't run into Ceremony, which was probably a good thing.  Anyways, 2012 was a good year for running into Ceremony, because while Fucked Up didn't play that many shows, Ceremony did, and they were everywhere we were, and also every place else:


1) Nov 27 Toronto, Lee's Palace
In late November, I was just returning from a short trip to Europe, capped off by about a week in Istanbul partying like a German minimalist.  In order to curb the effects of jet-lag, I spend most of my first week home partying like another kind of German, and found myself Ceremonies (sp) merch table a few hours before the show.  We went out for a nice dinner at Fresh, which is where you go in Toronto if you are entertaining fancy vegans, or need to detoxify yourself, or both.  I spent the rest of the night behind the merch table with Stefan and entertained dozens of prospective merch diggers, half of which seemed to be Long Winter Interns, the most precious of whom asked me if a) they could friend me on facebook (yes) and b) if I was rich (yes).

2) Sept 4 Berkeley, Some Venue
In september we did a short west coast tour with Ceremony, which is why this can be a top-ten list at all, and not just a collection of times I saw Ceremony, which is what most people are probably capable of putting together this year (except Robby).  Because the tour consisted of like 7 or 8 shows, we made sure there were like 4 days off. On the 4th me and Jonah and Josh met our some friends for a delectable meal at Sons and Daughters in San Fransisco after spending the day doing laps in a public pool in Oakland.  Afterwards we went back over the bridge to see American Nightmare, with Ceremony opening. It was at some huge warehouse and me and Jonah spent most of our time there outside in the smoking area waiting for Josh to be done moshing, but we were there and so was Ceremony so it counts.

3) June 6, Toronto, Wrong Bar
Along with 500 other festivals, NXNE in Toronto was one of the festivals Fucked Up didn't play in 2012. But Ceremony did.  The day before this show, Ceremony played with The Flaming Lips, a show I did not attend, but will include on this list as number 10 if I need it later.  I did however go to their show at Wrong Bar, which apparently also featured Killer Mike and Death Grips.  In May and June I was in the middle of doing nothing, because Dorian was about to be born, so everyone in FU was chilling hard and gearing up for Orion Fest.  All I remember about this show was the bartender giving us free shots, and me spilling mine all over the bar and becoming really embarrassed, sitting behind the Ceremony merch table and trying not to spill anything on it.  Earlier that night Andy and Stefan (from Ceremony) and Jonah and I had a lovely dinner at Enoteca Social, where they told us tales from the road, including the time they (or the band Hoax) got fined (or something) by Warsaw, a venue in Brooklyn, for being (partly?) responsible for destroying a (giant) American Flag during (Brooklyns) North Side Festival.

4) November 4, Austin, Red 7
On November 3rd, Fucked Up played a show in Tokyo, and by the afternoon of the 4th, we were hanging out with our buds in Ceremony in Austin Texas, which if you will recall, is quite far away from Tokyo.  You can imagine how psychically blasted we were from being turned over time-wise twice in less than a week, and can then (probably) only imagine how much partying we had to accomplish in one day to avoid weeks of potential jet-lag once we got back to Toronto the next day.  I (now) fondly remember my few days in Tokyo this trip (our 2nd 3 day trip to Japan of the season [summer/fall {which I know counts as two season here, but things are different in Japan}]) which was highlighted by: a) discovering Instagram; b) instagramming hundreds of pictures of fish; c) coining the term "Instagramen" at a ramen restaurant in Shibuya (by myself); and d) staying at a hotel filled exclusively with tall, lanky Swedish(-ish) models.  Anyways, I wasn't able to actually watch the Ceremony set at Fun Fun Fun, but I did spend most of the night sitting behind their merch table having my photo taken by people for their instagrams.

5) September 6, Portland, Doc Martens Store
By the 6th, we'd been on a little west coast tour with Ceremony for almost a week.  I think at this point they'd already lost their van, which was being driven across the country towards Toronto, where they would fly at meet it the next day to start their tour with Bloc Party, or something.  Maybe they took the bus to Portland from where every we were the day before? Anyhow, when we got to the store they were sitting on the curb, because I think they missed us.  After the show we all got free shoes and ate huge handfuls of M and Ms from our rider and talked about how important it is to be musicians.

6) September 11, Toronto, Danforth Music Hall
I hadn't seen the boys from Ceremony in a while, so the day after I got home from tour I went out east to see Ceremony, which was fine because I hadn't done any exercise in a few weeks and it was a really long bike ride to get there.  I wasn't actually able to catch the Ceremony set because of how long it took me to get out there, but I caught them outside mingling with some Bloc Party vans, so we went to Licks and had dinner.

7) September 3, Los Angeles, FYF Fest
It's always fun to play FYF, except for the time when we re-arranged a US tour around playing it that meant we had to get from New York to LA in 5 days while also playing in Richmond, Austin, New Orleans and maybe even somewhere in Florida, and then the fest got cancelled a week before we left but still had to do all those crazy drives. ANYWAYS.  This time we went to Mexico City for a few days before the fest and played a showed there and hung out.  I think Ceremony must have played FYF the day before we got there, because I don't remember catching their set. 

10) September 5, San Fransisco, Slims
We all played Slims together and it was my turn to do merch and we had a fancy dinner the night before so I spent the whole show next to the stage and watched the Ceremony set and it was great the end.  CERRYMONY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hey everyone who isn't from Toronto - sick of hearing about Long Winter yet? Too bad, there are at least two more of these you are gonna have to sit through news posts about.  But just think - the more Long Winters, the less winter there is left!  Meanwhile, here is the initial line up for Long Winter THREE

January 11th 2013 LONG WINTER PART THREE
The Great Hall Toronto
Pay What You Can, All Ages, 8pm

Music by
Buck 65
Vag Halen
Moon King
Light Fires

"Magic Moments" by Katie Stelmanis
"Ricercar" by Jonah Falco and Scott Cudmore
"Lightbox" by Cressida Kocienski and Erik Martinson
"Citizen Kenney" by Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell
"AudioGram" by Phill Mendonça-Vieira
"Ruins of a Rube" by Permanent Sleep Press
Art by Emma Kohlmann
"Keytar Pianocode" by DJ Finish Him
Video Game curation by the Hand Eye Society and Jim Munroe
Video by Roxanne Luchak
Food by Katie Mathieu

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey friends we're doing NY this Friday, all the details are just below. Apparently the first 50 people to buy tickets from HERE get a full colour version of THIS.  If it turns out that the world really does start ending while we play, we will try our hardest to do THIS but probably will just do THIS instead.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey that was another great night at the Great Hall on friday. Special thanks for Alison, Mick and Colin and all the interns who help make the shows run smoothly, and all the bands and to everyone for coming.  We're gonna have some details for the next on at the end of this week.  There is a picture of our set list from the show just up there.

Also thanks to everyone that hit Van Goghs Ear in Guelph to see us last night, it was really crazy and fun, we haven't played a show like that in a long time. Thanks to Vish for setting it all up for a good cause and all that.  That's a picture of Vish just below the set list stepping on Josh.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This post is about tour dates now, here they are:

(This) FRIDAY DEC 14
@ The Great Hall Toronto
Long Winter volume 2 with


Dec 21 2012 (the old end of the world)
Brooklyn NY
@ Warsaw



Our friends Alexisonfire are doing some last ever shows and we are pumped to play one of them
December 27 - Toronto @ The Sound Academy

 Also we are doing some dates in January in ONTARIO, which is crazy (for us). Also all the shows are with our friends MOON KING and S.H.I.T.:
Jan 11 - Toronto @ Long Winter
Jan 12 - Ottawa @ Ritual TICKETS
Jan 13 - Kingston @ The Mansion TICKETS
Jan 18 - London @ Call the Office TICKETS
Jan 19 - Hamilton @ Casbah
Jan 20 - St Catherines @ Mansion House TICKETS
TICKETS for all these shows are avails HERE.

Also check this out - we are going on a short tour in ENGLAND with our bros TITUS ANDRONICS and ____:
May 26 - Bristol @ Fleece TICKETS
May 27 - Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club TICKETS
May 28 - Glasgow @ SWG3 TICKETS
May 29 - Manchester @ Sound Control TICKETS
May 30 - London @ Electric Ballroom TICKETS

WOAH - also we are going to MONTANA which is a place we have never been to. 
Feb 15 - Missoula @ Badlander Compound - A benefit for KBGA RADIO


Above there is our new video. Yes it is kind of a joke, yes it is ridiculous, yes it makes no sense. Do you love it?

Also I just wanted to shows you guys this. I asked Josh (politely) to make a tour poster for the Ontario shows we have coming up in January, and he sent me this because he hates you:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HEY Make sure you come check us out at long winter on friday, it's gonna be old. Set times announced on the facebook page HERE.

Check this space tommorow for new Ontario and England shows upcoming! THX

Monday, December 03, 2012

Long Winter 2

Hey everyone - here is the initial line up for our next show in Toronto:

DECEMBER 14 @ The Great Hall Toronto 1087 Queen West
8PM Pay What You Can All Ages


"Intervention Score" by Cara Spooner
"Documenting Toronto's Punk History" by Don Pyle, Damian Abraham, Liz Worth and Sam Sutherland
"Moving Staircase" by Bee Palomina, Katie Ewald, Gabe Levine, Kate Nankervis, Max Kelly
"Loose Grip" by Simone Schmidt
Animal Mans Curry Corner

More info and updates at the website HERE.