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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Hey so stereogum posted a list of the top-ever FU songs HERE.  It is cool that they did that and we feel #blessed.  Here just for the record is my (D. Eliade) top favs, which is essentially the definitive list:

1) Baiting the Public
2) Year of the Rat
3) Police
4) The Chemistry of Common Life
5) Last Man Standing (soldano mix)
6) Looking for Gold
7) Triumph of Life
8) Teenage Problems
9) Royal Swan
10) Son the Father

Here is what I'm guessing damians is:

1) Year of the Dragon
2) Toronto FC
3) Generation
4) Mustaa Lunta
5) Son the Father
6) DET
7) Police
8) Hidden World
9) Ban Violins
10) My old Man's a Ginger