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Friday, July 14, 2006


Just before we start, anyone who doesn't want to read this or is impatient, can download the following blog update as a podcast, as read by Garrison Keillor here.
Everyone else, try to read along in that style, or for Canadians, pretend it's an episode of the Vinyl Cafe and OP is playing violin in the background.

"Well, since last time we spoke a lot of things have changed. 10,000 Marbles started writing his novel, "Magic Kingdom", Camp left again to be in Caledonia, or Montreal, Mustard was discharged from the hospital and is recovering from her surgery at home, Beat wrestled control of the merch department just in time to leave for a week and a half long bike trip, and Father Damian got a new job working over night at the helm of a prosperous West-Indian internet television hub. David has been doing well, and has just done a "profile" on this website:

We played a few shows last week with a temporary lineup, thanks to George and Ivan for filling in. Also a heads-up to 5,000 Marbles for his good work on the back end.

Next week we're going back into the studio to put the finishing touches on our Billy Talent inspired tune, "The Line". Expect it to drop the following week as part of a free CDR-sampler entitled "Fuck Billy Talent" that we're going to drop off at record stores and supermarkets and label corporate offices. For a short backstory, please refer to this website:
If anyone wants to update the wikipedia thing to include this beef, get in touch for the details.

Oh also, our album got leaked on the internet - you can download it here if you haven't already passively done so and told everyone you know that its "Too long". Too bad you didn't wait for the real version, which is going to have one of those disclaimer stickers on the front, which decribes the record: "72 minutes and a fish shaped like a vagina". If you still haven't heard it yet, you can just make a few clicks with your mouse and you'll be on your way -

Here are the latest updates from Lebanon:

July 27 - Hollywood CA @ Zen Sushi w/ Municipal Waste, Dr.Know, Deadfall, Ruido (2609 Hyperion Ave)
July 28 - Backyard in East LA 4261 E. Pacific Way, los angeles, CA 90023 8pm / $7 / all ages
July 29 - Feedback Fest 4pm-midnight w/ Circle One Batallion of Saints, Dr. Know, etc
July 30 - ventura CA @ Alpine 1954 Goodyear Ave (
July 31 - San Fran @ The hemlock tavern w/ never healed, california love. 21 +
August 1 - San Fransisco CA Warm Water Cove (daytime)
August 2 - Seattle WA @ SS Marie Antoinette (1235 westlake ave 98109)
August 3 - Portland WA @ The Food Hole 20 nw 3rd w/ Criminal Damage,
Never Healed, PRF
August 4 - Berkeley CA @ 924 Gilman st w/ Deadfall, Go It Alone
August 5 - Long Beach CA @ Longbeach Warehouse w/ Peligro Social, Never Healed
August 6 - Bakersfield CA @ munoz boxing gym w/ Never Healed
August 7 - San Diego CA @ Che Cafe w/ Never Healed

We will be debuting the Triumphf of Life 7" single (NA press), and the new Dangerous Fumes 7" single at these shows. The D FUmes 7" is also coming out in seperate European and Spanish versions, so those of you oversease concerned about the vinyl embargo don't have to worry.

We're also pressing up 200 Israel-only "Two Snakes" 7"'s to help with the war effort.
The North Korean press of the "Juche Ideal" 12" is also available in that country. It will be available for free download in the rest of the world* whenever some nerd sendspaces it. (* Excluding South Korea and The U S and A)

Here is what is (sort of) confirmed for this part of the year:
Fucked Up "Hidden World" Album release shows in Toronto Canada

Oct 27, Oct 28, Oct 29. There will be Fucked Up sets every night, a matinee on the 29th, and after parties every night. Lots of bands are coming down for these things. You should seriously considering coming.
The Year of the Dog 12" will finally be first available at these shows. Additionally, we're pressing up 400 copies of two cover-version singles - one Shop Assistants single, and one Dolly Mixture single. Its too late at night to put in witty hyperlinks tonight, so just be content to go here if you don't know what those bands are. The other thing is that these are *gig only* releases, meaning that you have to either a) come to these shows to own one or b) have crummy friends who will try and trick us into letting them buy more than one copy.

Lastly, it's come time for us to pay visit to some old friends in the U S and A:
Nov 2 NYC @ The Knitting Factory CMJ Solid PR Showcase w/ BC, AA, MM, etc.
Nov 2 NYC *Vice After-Party* @ The Cake Shop w/ Tba.
Nov 3 Philly @ tba w/PJs, TBA
Nov 4 NYC @ The Knitting Factory CMJ Jade Tree Showcase w/ PIB, etc
Nov 5th Pittsburgh PA @ Mr Roboto Project
Nov 6th Chicago IL @ "A real club"

Oh yeah, and the Let Likes Be Cured By Likes live 12" has been repressed. There are 800 more now, half on orange-blue and half on blue-black wax. It wasn't our idea so don't complain to me, but they look cool. Go to or something. Or just download it."

Thanks for tuning in.


Blogger SPEED LIMIT said...

entertaining as always.

from the looks of it, take comfort that at least you know you've got the attention of Horror Show fans and the bridge nine message board... the pinnacles of musical taste!

hezbollahking for gold,


4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the new Lp syncs with Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain.
no joke.

5:47 PM  
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