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Monday, October 12, 2009



Hey we are doing kind of a warm up show this week in Toronto cause there a few catalogue songs that we haven't actually ever played live yet. We will be playing one of the following shows:

LONEY, DEAR w/ Asobi Seksu, Anna Ternheim @ Horseshoe, $13 at RT, SS, TM
AUGUST BURNS RED w/ Acacia Strain, Impending Doom @ Phoenix, $16.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
MIKA, Gary Go @ Sound Academy, $38 at RT, SS, TM
ELVIS MONDAY w/ Gay, Colleen Brown, The Cast, Mazola, Adam Sullivan @ Drake, No cover
HARBOURKIDS feat Rock Plaza Central @ Harbourfront, 4 pm, Free
RATTLESNAKE CHOIR @ Dakota Tavern, 10 pm, Free
ELISE ROLLER w/ Gates Gates Gates @ Cameron House, 9 pm
IRON AGE, Vile Intent, Slaughter Strike, and Mature Situation @ The Poor Alex Theatre, 8 pm, All ages, $10
REVOLTING COCKS, Blown Load, Left Spine Down, Sex Without Souls @ Reverb, 7 pm, $17.50
OPEN MIC w/ Dave's Bass Lesson, This Is Awesome @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), PWYC

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, Murder By Death, Jesse Malin, Broadway Calls @ Kool Haus, $21.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
DISCOVERIES feat Alanna Clarke, Sarah Melody, Josh Taerk, more @ Hugh's Room, $13 at 416-531-6604
GOD DETHRONED, Abigail Williams, Augury Pyrrah @ Annex Wreckroom, $20 at RT, TM
TGT INC feat Me, You and Mack,The Divine Nothing, The Night Flowers, The Cameltones @ Rancho Relaxo, $2
ALEX GRANTHAM, Chris Blachford, The Sols Feat. Matthew's Dominion, The Sun Harmonic @ The Supermarket 8 pm, PWYC
SKIN GRAFT @ The Central, 9:30 pm, PWYC

WILCO @ Massey Hall, $39.50-$45 at TM - SOLD OUT
THE HORRORS @ Lee's Palace, $17.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
AMY MILLAN w/ Bahamas @ Mod Club, $15 at RT, SS, TM
THE GOSSIP @ Opera House, $24.50 at TM
PORTUGAL. THE MAN w/ Hockey, Drug Rug @ Horseshoe, $15 at RT, SS, TM
JAY BRANNAN @ El Mocambo, $13.50 at RT, SS, TM
CHRISTINA MARTIN, as part of Serenades In The Square @ Yonge & Dundas Square, 12:30 pm, Free
GHETTOSOCKS CD release w/ Toolshed, Fresh Kills, Alex Dimez @ Rancho Relaxo, $TBA
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, Share, Ford Pier @ The Boat, $5

WILCO @ Massey Hall, $39.50-$45 at TM
SILVERSUN PICKUPS w/ Cage The Elephant, An Horse @ Sound Academy, $29.50 at RT, SS, TM
STEVE MARTIN & THE STEEP CANYON RANGERS @ Roy Thompson Hall, $49.50-$89.50 at TM. 416-872-4255
THE MOST SERENE REPUBLIC w/ Grand Archives @ Mod Club, $15 at RT, SS, TM
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS @ Lee's Palace, $13.50 at RT, SS, TM
EMM GRYNER @ Hugh's Room, $20 at 416-531-6604
PARAMORE w/ Paper Route, The Swellers @ Kool Haus, $31.50 at RT, TM
LE LOUP w/ Nurses @ The Drake, $10.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
TANYA TAGAQ & BEARWITNESS at the ImagineNATIVE New Media Mash-Up @ The Music Gallery, 8 pm, $5-$10
PURSUIT GROOVES, Professor Fingers @ The Boat, $5
DYLAN MURRAY @ Hart House (Arbor Room), 9 pm, Free
CANCER BATS @ Sneaky Dees, Free
HEATHER KELDAY, Lisa Michelle @ The Central, PWYC

CUFF THE DUKE @ Horseshoe, $12.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT w/ TMDP @ Wrongbar, $18.50 at RT, SS, PR,
BROKENCYDE, Kill Paradise, The Ready Set, Watchout, There's Ghosts @ Mod Club, $17.50 at RT, SS, TM
TWO HOURS TRAFFIC @ Lee's Palace, $13.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
SPIRAL BEACH IN-STORE @ Sonic Boom, 7 pm, Free
SIAN ALICE GROUP @ The Drake, $10.50 at RT, SS, HS, TM
DAN MANGAN, Will Currie & The Country French, The Sure Things @ The Rivoli, $10
DAN MANGAN @ Criminal Records, 5 pm, Free
ICARUS HAD WINGS, Ashley, The Quick Fix @ The Rearview Mirror, 8 pm, $6
TWM: Sourvan, William Del Ray + Sexy Moving Parts, Ex~Po, Before the Flood @ Rancho Relaxo, $6
THE DIABLEROS, Planet Creature @ The Boat, $5
SARRAH JERROM @ Hart House (Arbor Room), 9 pm, Free
SPIRAL BEACH IN-STORE @ Sonic Boom, 7 pm, Free

See you there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet it's the one with Amy Milan

3:03 PM  
Anonymous dan said...


7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Young Guv's blog "Fu are playing a secret show next week. It's with the Happy Mondays at the KOOL HAUS."

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let it be the Brokencyde show.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let it be Mika. That would just blow my mind.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Tour Manager said...

Dan Mangan's 'Criminal Records' show is at 6pm.

There was some confusion between 5 and 6, but has now been confirmed for 6pm.

1:28 PM  
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2:54 PM  
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