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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Damian is doing some thing tommorow. You can also read about it on his blog.

This is from the big man:

I have a confession: I was not always the cheerleader of Toronto punk that I am today. I grew up ashamed of our local punk past. Compared to our neighbors to the south, I felt that Toronto was so late to the game (the first Toronto records didn't come out until 1977 after all, a good year or so after punk records started coming out). What I came to realize was that I was simply ignorant of the actual history. That that though the punk bands didn't manage to release records until much later they in my cases predate their American counter parts. I was also generally clueless about how cool the Punk scene here was. One of the things that made it cool was the Crash N Burn club. This short lived DIY space was set up by the Diodes and there manager and was host to many of the great bands of the time. Everyone from the Nerves to the Dead Boys to just about every first wave Toronto band of note would grace its stage. Today, if you were to walk by the former site of this legendary venue you would never know that it was once their. Thankfully professor Ross McLaren thought enough of what was going on to film a short black and white document of the space. And now it is being screened as a part of a program of Ross' film Images Film Festival. Also, as a way for me to atone for my past sin of denying the awesomeness of early Toronto punk, I will be DJing a set of classic Toronto (and area) punk records.

It all goes down:

Friday, April 2nd at 9:00 PM.
It’s being held at the new Workman Arts space in the Saint Anne’s Parish Hall at 651 Dufferin Street, which is just north of Dundas West, on the east side of the street. The afterparty which will include my set will take place right afterwards in the same space.

Forgive Me Frankie for I have sined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks interesting. Toronto punk kills it. Gonna be there.

What's strange is that I saw "local celebrity" Damian Abraham was going to be at the Reference Library for a "book swap". wtf? is THAT for real? If it is, what books will he bring?!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous James McNally said...

Gotta read Treat Me Like Dirt, by Liz Worth for history of TO punk.

9:41 PM  
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