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Monday, November 28, 2011



Friday 9th December
Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane - (18+) 1300 762 545 FOR TICKETS DUDE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

da fux a brisbane?

3:52 PM  
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Blogger hafsol said...

Hey guys! I know this might be stupid of me to ask, but my friends have organised a bakesale gig in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon (10th December) to raise funds for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. One of the bands has pulled out and they've tried to source a replacement, but it's been fruitless.

So that's where I come in to ask.. would you be available to perform a set at all? The bakesale runs between 2pm and 6pm but you can perform at whatever time suits you. The set length is generally 20 or 30 minutes but you can play for longer or shorter if you'd like - it's pretty relaxed. You'd be able to use the other bands' gear too. The other bands playing are punk rock and that kind of lovely stuff so you wouldn't be out of place (except for the fact that you're Fucked Up..).

I'm sure you're probably tied up with getting set up for the Foo Fighters show that night at the Gold Coast, but this is a request borne purely out of love for you guys and the slight hope that you may be available and willing.

You can get in touch with me at if you might be able to make it (even if it's just to watch), want any more info, need transport, want a hug, or just to say hello and make a fanboy giddy.

I'll be at Alhambra on Friday night losing my shit to you guys too :D. If it's anything like your Soundwave set it's going to be incredible.

Thanks for your time (if you actually read this!). Hope to hear from you!

Stay harmoniously awesome,

3:01 AM  
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Blogger prem kumar paswan said...

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