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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Hey if yr in Toronto, we've got a fun weekend coming up. Season Two of LONG WINTER starts this Friday at the Great Hall, which is packed up to start:

King Cobb Steelie
Ell V Gore
Doom Squad
Lido Pimienta
Esther Grey
Wake Island
Prince Nifty

Electric Field feat. DJ Cell Memory with Visuals by Kate Young and Adam Terejko
Ell V
Mikey Apples

Introducing the Long Winter Split 7" Series
Volume 1 features DOOMSQUAD "Disremember Dismember" and LIDO PIMIENTA "La Capacidad (Invierno)".
Free to the first 350 people through the doors.
The Long Winter split 7" series is presented by Scion Sessions.


Then Saturday Fucked Up goes east for our first show in Scarborough at the Rockpile East with Beliefs and Doom Squad, so that should be weird.


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