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Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey, our Brooklyn friends over at the im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out blog just made us a new mix to post that you will hate. Enjoy!


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey, so it turns out there's this really big important hockey game happening at the same time as our show tommorow. We just wanted everyone to know that a) There will be tv's at the Opera House and b) there will also be big screens at the Blue Moon right next door showing the game. We're gonna push our set a bit later so that we don't really clash with the game. Game starts at 930, we should go on close to midnight. We also cancelled practice today so I could watched Fenercahce-Lille (just kidding) so we know what it's like.

So just to recap:
1) We are playing at the Opera House tommorow with Kurt Vile and D'urbervilles and Give
2) You will be able to watch the hockey game
3) You can still order the Davids Plan 7" from insound and get it from us on Friday
4) We are playing in Tampa next week
5) We're playing a few shows at SXSW right after that
6) im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out is gonna be dj-ing the after party tommorow at Blue Moon
7) Also some bands are playing

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Hey, you can check out info on our Feb 26 after party right HERE.



Here is the info for our show this Friday!

With Guests KURT VILE
Friday, February 26, 2010 – The Opera House
735 Queen Street East, Toronto
Advance tickets HERE.


We still have some copies of the Davids Plan benefit charity zucker 7" left for sale. If you bought one from us on tour, thanks a million. If you live somewhere far away, you can still order one HERE. If you live in Toronto, you will have your chance to cop one at our show at the Opera House - check out the details right HERE. There's an after party for that show out east too - check out those details HERE! Don't forget to check out this rad new band right HERE.

Monday, February 22, 2010

St Catherines

Friday, February 12, 2010


Hey, we are playing another ATP festival (aka Best Festival Ever), this time somewhere in upstate New York. Chavez is trying to put together a sick party in the Hamptons the next day, so stay tuned for that. Our day of the fest is apparently being curated by Jim Jarmush, so check that out too. I think he's like Dean and Randy's friend or something?
I'm also pleased to announce that during this show we'll be playing our Police 7", in it's entirety. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Stockton, California arrived from on "Looking For Gold: February 2009" by searching for im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out.



Canberra, Australian Capital Territory arrived from on "Looking For Gold" by searching for im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out.

East Elmhurst, New York arrived from on "Looking For Gold" by searching for im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out.

NICE TRY DUDES. Why don't you just try to make "im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out" a trending topic over on twitter and really blow the lid off this whole feedjit tracker business? It'll be this secret long-form coded buzzword that refers to some hipster music topic (but won't have anything to do with really weird french techno at all), so when you start seeing people post RT @im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out, not only will it be hilarious, because you and I will know that the meaning of that phrase will be totally lost on the person who posted it, because it's not about looking for really weird french techno songs that just came out at all, and also because such a long and literal sentence is so devoid of any kind of web-know-how, as if the person posting the tweet thought somehow that they were actually tweeting directly to another person in real time, whereby the purpose of their post (and now our meme) was to in fact put such a literal question out into the web-ether, with the real expectation that phrasing their simple question in such an honest and clueless way, utterly out of context, and almost heartbreaking in it's simple yet comprehensive error, like two long lost siblings talking to each other across a table at a cafe, not clueing in to that very potent and elusive fact, simply because they weren't asking the right questions, or asking them in the right way, or one of them spoke Algerian or something, all the while so tantalizingly close to the truth, yet so inevitably, irrevocably far away, or like what probably literally happened in this particular case, that some poor lonely soul in Stocktown California for whatever reason was awake at close to midnight, probably so alone that any number of these potential hypotheses could hold water: they were looking for that perfect minor-keyed french-touch house song, upbeat enough to keep them awake to search for more lonely stuff on the internet, but sad sounding enough, in that classic french house way ("Lady [Hear me Tonight] by Modjo comes immediately to mind, a perfect example of the happy/sad longing sounding upbeat music that made french house music what it was), to kind of perfectly encapsulate how they were feeling: that this person searching was in fact someones parents, and heroically ventured into a medium they clearly know nothing about or how to use properly, in order to connect somehow with a wayward child, who's principle interest may have consisted of in some capacity really weird french techno, they comically yet painfully attempted the search we're investigating right now; that the person conducting this search was just drunk/high/dumb/from another country/has a rare psychological disease that renders them without the requisite understanding of tense needed to navigate through a search tool that is not a librarian or a telephone; that in fact this person was in fact a highly literate user of the internet, but thought somehow they were using a voice-search device that probably most of us don't even understand, except that they forgot to turn it on before making this search; and so on and so forth, but because passing off that kind of obtuse phrase as any kind of meme at all is just such a ridiculous notion. Also because it's probably long enough to crash the entire Twitter server.

Of course, it could be just that I'm the n00b and that "im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out" already is a meme, which accounts for the three seperate searchings for it on google within the same 20 minutes of me monitoring the searches, and that it's so advanced and burrowed into the cool hidden parts of the internet that most people don't even know about, and by the time I wake up tommorow "im lookin for this really weird french techno song that just came out" is already going to be the name of a Nike sneaker, and "im looking for this really weird french techno songg that justt came outt" will be the name of this amazing band from Williamsburg, who are way better than "im lookin for this really weird Belgian techno song that just came out" because it was cool when there was just one band with that style of name, but after everyone sort of started using the "im lookin for this really weird rench techno song that just came out" aesthetic template, it just kind of became played and not cool anymore, and that with this entire post I've just made a huge fool out of myself in more ways than one.

Bountiful, Utah arrived from on "Looking For Gold" by searching for cool looking websites.
-THIS IS NOT HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET. What kind of websites do you think are gonna pop up, that index themselves as "COOL LOOKING WEBSITE"? Well, lets find out:
This one, about some idiot named Chris
Time Magazines 2005 list of "50 Cool Websites"
Looking for a New, Cool website? Try create a snowflake!
And probably a bunch of other geocities era gems. Ever heard of GOOGLE BUZZ, n00b?


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Hi, the Davids Plan 7" is now available for pre-order. It features a new song "Davids Plan" on the aside, and our "Do they Know its Christmas" on the bside. All proceeds go go to organizations working to end the epidemic of missing and murdered native women in Canada. Insound is the only place to get it right now in North America, so go order it HERE. If you are from Europe or England or something, you can get it from Rough Trade HERE.

We will have these on tour with us next week, so if you live somewhere that we are playing, buy one from us and leave the mail order copies for people who live in the boonies please. ZUCKER.


سجل المتجر اليوم
مارس الجنس مع الفينيل تاريخ طويل واحتفل (منا). . في كل مرة نفعل مقابلة واحدة من أولى المسائل (ولا تزال) تدور حول مبلغ 7 "' ق فعلناه (أكثر من 35). ولقد خلقنا الفرقة انطلاقا من التفاني في جمع الجماليات فاسق نادرة. داميان و جونا لا يزال براعة مجموعاتها سجل مثل السيارات الرياضية. وبينما البعض منا قد انتقلت الى حد ما (يوم الأحد وأنا حتى الآن : تشلسي مقابل ارسنال وفيورنتينا مقابل الغجر ، البطاريق مقابل العواصم ، كندينس مقابل بروينس ، مقابل المهور القديسين) ، ومارس الجنس حتى المحاضر على الأرجح أيضا أن تكون بعض الشيء شباكها.

سجل مخازن تشكل جزءا كبيرا من السبب في أننا عصابة على الإطلاق. عندما كنا جميع الاطفال الاصغر سنا ، ونحن تستخدم لعلاج بعض مخازن تبريد سجل في تورونتو وكأنهم المكتبات. بدأنا جميعا مجموعاتنا قياسيا في انفجار كاملة ، وبدأت في الذهاب إلى استدارة وهذا ما كنا نستطيع أن يتسامح مع "غير فاسق" سجلات يجري في نفس الغرفة Assuck 12 "' ق ، بدأت العمل في كل من ايما لبعض الوقت في وقت لاحق ، وأخيرا بدأت بالذهاب إلى ريك لمقتنيات في الضواحي القريبة جدا عندما وصلنا المتراخية للتعامل مع الغرف الخلفية وراء مجالات مكافحة الاشياء النادرة حيث بدأت الهجرة. لقد بدأنا لكسب الاصدقاء والاعداء على الساحة في محاولة لتسجيل الاشياء . كنت استدعاء صديقك إذا وجدت شيئا ما كانوا يبحثون عنه ، وكنت في محاولة لتملأ حقيبتك إذا كانت هناك أشياء كنت أعرف أنه شخص كنت أبحث عنه. وفي الملاكمة يوم كنت أرى الجميع كنت على علم في الحافلة في محاولة للوصول الى كل متجر في المدينة بحثا عن نصف من الاشياء.

سجل جمع بالفعل قريبة جدا من تلك المتع كئيبة وقاتمة الانفرادي ، وهاجس الحفاظ على سرية كنت في الطابق السفلي الخاص بك بعيدا عن زوار موقعك ، إذا كنت تحصل على أي من أي وقت مضى. عندما يكون هذا الفيلم الوثائقي "فينيل" وخرج ، وصلنا صدم الجميع قليلا. جمع السجلات يمكن أن تتحول بسهولة الى السعي وحيدا على الاكتئاب.. انه سجل المخازن التي تساعد على إضفاء الشرعية على أنها نوعا من النشاط الاجتماعي. على الرغم من نوعها من وجود مثل هذا الاجتماع احمد في متجر liqour ، على الأقل في متجر كنت خارج عن هذا ، مالك هو صديقك ربما التوصل الى اتفاق. 19th "kbd" البحث باي عند في صباح يوم السبت.

بطريقة ما لدينا لم يشاركوا قط في سجل المتجر قبل يوم. لقد فعلت الكثير من في جميع أنحاء العالم ، وكان عليها أن تتوقف عند محلات للتسوق وربما في كل مخزن سجل في العالم الحر. هذا العام قررنا أن نفعل شيئا خاصا لتحديد مركز اللاجئ ، لأننا نعتقد أنه من المهم. ابريل من هذا العام سوف يكون قادرا على مغادرة المنزل والذهاب الى متجر تسجيل والحصول على هذا السجل باردة. قررنا استخدام لدينا (7) "تكريما لحفنة من مخازن تبريد في الولايات المتحدة. عشرة مخازن سوف تظهر مع كل من أعمالهم الفنية الخاصة تغطية ، وذلك باستخدام الصور التي أرسلوا لنا. و7" هو مجرد سيصبح اثنين الأغاني daytrotter زوجين من المسارات ، زائد واحد وهو غير موجود على القرص المضغوط ( "أعوج رئيس"). Here are the 11 covers هنا هي يغطي 11 (هناك عام واحد) ، وقتا ممتعا في محاولة للعثور على كل منهم :

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Record Store Day

Fucked Up's history with vinyl is long and celebrated (by us). Every time we do an interview, one of the first questions (still) is about the amount of 7"'s we've done (more than 35). We created the band out of a devotion to collecting rare punk aesthetics. Damian and Jonah still finesse their record collections like sports cars. While some of us have moved on to an extent (my Sunday so far: Chelsea vs Arsenal, Fiorentina vs Roma, Penguins vs Capitals, Canadiens vs Bruins, Saints vs Colts), Fucked Up and Records will probably also be somewhat entangled.

Record stores are a big part of why we are a band at all. When we were all younger kids, we used to treat the few cool record stores in Toronto like they were libraries. We all started our record collections at Full Blast, started to go to Rotate This when we could tolerate "non-punk" records being in the same room as Assuck 12"'s, all started working at Who's Emma a while later, and finally started going to Ric's Collectibles in the near-suburbs when we got too jaded to deal with the back rooms and behind the counter areas where the rare stuff had started to migrate. We started to make friends and enemies on the scene in attempts to score stuff. You'd call up your friend if you found something they were looking for, and you'd try to fill up your bag if there was stuff you knew someone who had punked you was looking for. On boxing day you'd see everyone you knew on the bus trying to get to every store in the city looking for stuff half off.

Record collecting is already so close to those dismal and dark solitary pleasures, the secret obsession you keep in your basement away from your visitors, if you ever get any. When that documentary "Vinyl" came out, we all got shocked a bit. Collection records can easily turn into a depressing lonely quest. It's record stores that help to legitimize it as somewhat of a social activity. Even though its kind of like having an AA meeting at a liqour store, at least in a store you're out an about, the owner is your friend, you'll maybe get a deal. Better that than going through the 19th page on your "kbd" ebay search at 4 in the morning on a Saturday.

Somehow we've never participated in Record Store Day before. We've done lots of instores all over the world, and have had to stop at stores to shop in probably every record store in the free world. This year we decided to do something special for RSD, because we think it's important. This April you'll be able to leave your house and go to a record store and get this cool record. We decided to use our 7" as a tribute to a bunch of cool stores in the US. Ten stores will each be featured with their own cover artwork, using pictures that they sent in to us. The 7" is just gonna be the two daytrotter songs from couple tracks, plus one that isn't on the CD ("Crooked Head"). Here are the 11 covers (there's a generic one), have fun trying to find them all:

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Atleast send us some.