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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Hey great, we are going on tour again. We've been writing our new album this whole summer, and we are finished writing it. We were gonna record it, but this tour got in the way, so we just said fuck it and we're not gonna release it. There are 30 new songs that we wrote (basically all of June we would wake up at 9am and watch the first world cup game, have breakfast, watch the second game at 230, and then practice at 5pm. We did this almost every day for a month and wrote about one song per practice, plus some old ones we wrote in 2005 [when we were punk] so that's like 30 songs. I'm not even kidding. It sounds punk but like in a gentle way. But that isn't worth anything to you, because we have no time to record any of the music because we keep going on tour).

Anyhow, you can download a demo of it right HERE.

We do have this other new (ish) record out though that probably everyone one has already heard. It's called Year Of the Ox. We do this funny thing where every year we do this super long 12". Well this one was recorded almost a year ago but because of several industry machinations (ie getting fired from Sub Pop) it isn't coming out until now. If you still care, we'll be playing the BSIDE live on this tour, called "Solomon's Song". We also have this tshirts that have those words on them, and also a lady's naked chest. They look pretty cool and also have our name on them as well for some reason. That's a first. Anyhow check out all the cool places we are going to:

Sun 05 Sep Monticello, NY @ All Tomorrow's Parties
-we'll be here for several days. We arrive Friday night. We did one other ATP festival, and it was fun. We don't get invited outright I think because the organizers don't like us, but last time My Bloody Valentine invited us, and this time Lars Von Trier invited us, so they had to let us play. At the one in England, I watched that Australian band Dirty Three (featuring comic book artist Warren Ellis) play from my table at the burger king. We will be playing our album "Neon Bible" in it's entirety for this performance.

Mon 06 Sep Providence, RI Club Hell
We've only played Providence once (maybe twice) and all I can remember was that the woman who did the show made us some of the best soup I've ever had in my life (list of my life's greatest soups [that I can remember]: 1) 2010 Pea and Lovage, St John's London 2) 2010 Minestrone, Testa St Petersburg 3) Same Soup as 2), but when we went back the next day 4) 2009 Pea Soup, Libretto Toronto 5) 2006 Aforementioned Providence Soup) but then we thought was pissed at us for the rest of the show and that night at her house and the next morning while we conducted a snowball fight on her front lawn.

Tue 07 Sep New Haven, CT @ Lilly's Pad / Toad's Upstairs
Never played here, but I'm pretty sure Lilly's Pad is the other name for The Anthrax.

Wed 08 Sep Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's
We played here I think 2 month's ago? It was fun. Apparently there is a place on the same street where you can get the biggest pizza slice in America (best slices of pizza 1) Di Fara, Brooklyn 2) Grimaldis, Brooklyn 3) King Slice, Toronto).

Thu 09 Sep Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel
We played this place a year ago ish. We met the Twee Queen of America (she was 14 and interviewing the Vivian Girls) and then Damian had a crazy attack on stage because he forgot the lyrics to a Minor Threat cover we were doing and the irony was a bit too much.

Fri 10 Sep Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Festival
If I had to point at this place on a map I wouldn't be able to. Also if you think I'll be doing any hopscotching at this festival you are in for a surprise.

Sat 11 Sep Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
Cool town. Never heard of this place. Not interested in playing whirlyball.

Sun 12 Sep Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
We are opening up for Public Enemy on this show. We will probably get booed off the stage.

Mon 13 Sep Talahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
We actually have played here. I tasted a sip of Dogfish Head 20% IPA beer

Tue 14 Sep Miami, FL @ Churchill's


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet! See you all in D.C.! I'm really excited!

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woah, the new demo is a little bit too heavy for me.

4:13 AM  
Blogger RX said...

Great demo! Where can I buy the shirt?

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I've got that shirt, it's beautiful. I sold almost all my band shirts because they make me look like a teenager but I kept that one and a knackered Iron Monkey one that would cause me physical pain to part with. The picture reminds me slightly of something the pre-raphaelites would come up with.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous ryan said...

I guess you're meh about Churchills but we're all EXCITED-AS-FUCK about you guys coming down

10:55 AM  
Blogger crazycarl said...

Does anybody have a link to where we can purchase that shirt?

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool! I love reading a spoiled kids diary!

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Gary C said...

sometimes i regret collecting your records.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But won't the Ronettes sue you?
Yeah, I know, it's something way more obscure than the Ronettes, I am sure.
If Ike Turner was still here, he might just beat you the fuck up.

Robotech Masters: I don't get it. I don't remember this. Why does this even EXIST?

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I regret collecting records full stop, ever since I spent loads on the second Plugz LP only to have it die in a water damage episode. What the hell, I just want to hear the music.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a huge fan of Urban Waste, I got some of the Major Conflict shit thinking that it HAS to be GOOD I mean it's motherfucking Johnny Waste on guitar how on earth could it suck, and probably paid too much for it.
Major Conflict are fucking garbage, man. I would rather listen to the Straw Dogs. And since then I kinda quit buying a shitload of music.

Killing Time kinda also ruins music because of that stupid cover of 'outgroup'; what a terrible song.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous c. said...

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i see ben drum in a jonas brothers movie last night please post youtube clip if possible to confirm wtf

7:00 PM  
Blogger sonicmoremusic said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:48 AM  
Blogger sonicmoremusic said...

I put this together for Ben, here it is:

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damian smoked weed in Russia?

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I saw Ben in the Jonas bros movie as well, I've also seen Sandy subbing in Doom and I heard that Jonah plays in a Miles Davis tribute band but I can't confirm that one.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous «tyler» said...

I created an facebook event for the Washington, DC show here,

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hug and rock in NJ last night. You guys don't just rock -- you rule.

11:14 AM  
Blogger by Mario S. said...

sorry to hear about the lightbulb factory gig.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous escalante blogger said...

Wow! D.C is such an awesome state. I want to visit there too.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

How did it go with Public Enemy?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Georgios Kalafatidis said...

Can't wait for the new album!!!

But when will Year Of The Ox be available in europe (sweden)?

There's no info on the Matador site...

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Georgios,

Order it here:

10:45 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

I hope Damian made Chuck D a mixtape of modern hardcore.

10:58 AM  
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9:05 AM  
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