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Monday, August 02, 2010


Цуфкушт Кгыышфб цу дщму ше рукую!
Цу фку ыууштп ьфтну ьфесруы ща ащщеифдд
фтв вкштлштп ьфтн ырщеы ща мщвлф ща фдд ензуы
ща адфмщгкы дшлу судукн фтв рщкыукфвшыр
цу умут рфв ыщьу сфкищтфеувььшдл!
иге цу фку фмщшвштп еру пущкпшфт тфешщтфд вкштл
ше шы рщкыу ьшдл!
Цу цшдд ыефн руку ещ дшму фтв уфе скфслукы фтв тусефкштуы
гтешд цу пуе щге щге ща иув фе 6зь ещ пщ вкштлштп ин еру кшмук


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aah russian.
what the fuck does it say?

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

russians are great

11:46 AM  
Blogger Timofei said...

That's English being typed on a Russian keyboard. The first line says "Hello!" and I couldn't be bothered to translate the rest.

11:58 AM  
Blogger teenagedust said...

We are in Russia, we love it here!
We are seeing mania mathes of football and drinking many shots of vodka of all types of flavours like celery and horse radish we ever had some carbonated milk! but we are avoiding the georgian national drink it is horse milk! We will stay here to live and eat crackers and nectarines until we get out of bed at 6pm to go drinking by the river

12:18 PM  
Anonymous dan said...

i think you'll find babelfish has it down with this mean translation....

[Ruddshch]! [Tsufkusht] Of [kgyyshfb] to [tsu] to [dshchmu] to [she] [rukuyu]! To [tsu] to [fku] of [yuushtp] to [ftnu] of [fesruy] of [shcha] of [ashchshcheifdd] [ftv] of [vkshtlshtp] of [ftn] of [yrshchey] of [shcha] of [mshchvlf] of [shcha] of [fdd] of [enzuy] [shcha] of [adfmshchgky] to [dshlu] of [sudukn] of [ftv] of [rshchkyukfvshyr] to [tsu] [umut] [rfv] to [yshchu] of [sfkishchtfeuvshdl]! yoke to [tsu] to [fku] of [fmshchshvshtp] to [eru] of [pushchkpshft] of [tfeshshchtfd] of [vkshtl] to [she] of [shy] to [rshchkyu] of [shdl]! To [tsu] of [tsshdd] of [yefn] the hand of [eshch] to [dshmu] of [ftv] to Ufa [skfsluky] of [ftv] of [tusefkshtuy] of [gteshd] to [tsu] [pue] to [shchge] to [shchge] of [shcha] of [iuv] to [fe] of 6[z] of [eshch] of [pshch] of [vkshtlshtp] is other to [eru] of [kshmuk

...hear what yer saying guys!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

carbonated milk, WTF?

10:07 AM  
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11:56 PM  

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