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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey as some of you (Joe Cornlisse) maybe have noticed, we just opened a webstore. We love doing merch at shows so much, that we spent all summer thinking of ways that we could do merch while we're at home resting from tour, so we decided to rent space in a strip mall, the location of which you will never find (unless you order something from us and read the return address) and cram the hundreds of boxes of rare 7"'s and 12"'s that were just collecting dust at our practice space, and sell them. We have a whole raft of singles and stuff, basically whatever is in print, as well as albums, lots of different kinds of shirts, and lots of stuff you can only get from us. We are also gonna be premiering a lot of stuff on the site too (ie mixtape 4 in a few weeks) so keep your typing fingers peeled (gross). Here is the address:

Bookmark it people. Also the address will always be on the sidebar of this blog right over there.

Remember this?

Maybe our best stunt ever - last year on the back of our wildly succesful post-sxsw essay, we invented a company for April Fools and said they were suing us for something that had transpired during the festival. We had actually just attempted to sue Rolling Stone and Camel (not kidding) so we had all these legit court documents lying around, so we doctored them up a bit to make it look like Thiller Energy was suing us, and ended up pranking thousands of people, got on the TV news, etc. You can see the fallout HERE. The website we made for Thriller is still right HERE. (we bought the domain for another 2 years so if anyone wants to start a company with us that sells energy powder you rub into your eyeballs, get in touch). The original post is HERE. The best part about it is that we set up a fake email account for the company ( and actually got a few emails from people requesting cases of the drink for parties and events and stuff. Amazing. Anyways, happy March 31!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey everyone, I hope you have had a nice few days since we spoke. It was great to see everyone being cool on the comments section after a long while of total weirdness. Not that we don't like the weirdness, mostly we just aren't into the hate. Which I guess is cool too, I know everyone has to have places to let certain feelings out, and so if that's the service we can provide you guys all with after 10 years of playing genre-defying, award winning, "fan-alienating" (and also Arcade Fire tour with-ing) music, then so be it, who are we to judge? If thinking of blunt or creative ways to tell us we suck is what gets you through the day, then we support you - maybe we'll even start printing nofx-style "we suck" tshirts to sell at our shows? That way, you can still think that we suck, but at least we'll get paid (more) for sucking. Plus we will still know that we rule, because our parents tell us so (today, even). But yeah, I'm glad everyone is feeling chipper. In fact the only weird thing that happened lately is Joe Cornilesse calling me "M" all the time for some reason - I'm guessing it's either a) it's a weird tribute to some French-Noire "cinema" (that means movies) thing, or b) he's trying to protect the identity of the person who writes this blog (which is not necessary - I'm totally fine with everyone knowing that my name is Melvin Hawerchuk and that my real email address is

ANYWAYS back to the point, lately this blog will be mostly about news because for the next few months we're gonna be a real-time band, which means there will be lots of things to share with the internet. The first thing to share is that in addition to the live concert you know about that's happening on April 9th (and also all the ones you don't know about), we're also going to be playing a concert on April 15th - in Palm Springs. Here is the poster:

As you know, we played Coachella two years ago, so it's a bit too soon for us to play the festival proper again, but we figured it would be fun to hang out in the desert and get to stay at the Ace Hotel for free because they give you huge bags of pistachios and also the rooms kind of look like indoor jungle gyms. Also it is a huge party zone. Just before you ask - this show is FREE and anyone can go (you have to be in Palm Springs to attend - not New York or Portland). It starts at midnight, so if you are going to the festival, you can come to this because that ends at 10pm (not all 50,000 people can come to this show, the hotel is too small). We're gonna release our next track from the LP at this show, called "A Little Death". Now let me be candid with you - it's just an mp3 release, so it's not like you will get to take anything home with you at the show. In fact unless you have a really good data-plan, it might even be better that you stay home on the 16th if you want to make sure you get the track - since who knows what the wireless situation will be like at the Ace - unless we figure out how to give away hard-copy mp3s between now and the 16th. Then the record industry would REALLY be fucked.

Anyhow, another exciting thing that's happening is we're doing another Record Store Day record. Last year if you remember, we co-ordinated it so we released a 7" with 10 different covers, all featuring a different record store on the cover. Probably entirely because of that, record stores managed to survive another year, so there's gonna be another Record Store Day this year. So we decided instead of recording any new music, why don't we just release this compilation album from 1977 we'd been sitting on since from before we were all born? We found like 750 copies of this great comp so we're gonna just use that. Here is one of the songs:

Animal Man - Do You Feed?

Oh I almost forgot, we made a video for our new single! Check it out below:

OK well that's some new info. We'll have more cool stuff to announce on THURSDAY. In the meantime, why not download our new record for free HERE?

Friday, March 25, 2011

David Comes To Life

NEW SONG: The Other Shoe

Hey right, so we have a new record coming out June 7th and are really excited about it. It's really long and themed, so if you are really cool you might immediately hate the thought of it, but if you are kind of chill and patient you can probably hang and finish reading the rest of this post, and then wait 2 and a half months doing whatever else you do with your life, and then buy the record. Or you could just download the whole thing right now HERE.

Anyways, the new record. If you've been paying attention to our band for the last few years, you probably are aware that we've been joking/threatening the fact that we were working on a musical/rock opera/themed album/play/whatever. We came up with the idea right after Hidden World came out, which featured a song called, wait for it - "David Comes to Life" (C/O JADE TREE RECORDS). That song was written in about 10 minutes I think at a practice in between 2 recording session for Hidden World, and almost didn't make it onto the record because some of us thought it was too simple sounding. Little did they know that 5 years later, they'd have to be still playing it every show after it became such a "hit". These are the things that punk rock "legends" are made "of". Another true fact about that song was that originally it was going to be called "Ian Comes To Life" and was going to be about our old friend Ian Dickson, who was doing about 5 shows for us a month in New York at the time (the other song that almost didn't make it onto Hidden World was "Manqueller Man", which we haven't played in about two years).

So we decided while we were writing the song (right at the practice space we were renting for $10 an hour) that making it about Ian was kind of weird and awkward, so we invented this character named "David" because that's a pretty generic name but also has a lot of cool connotations (only from the Bible) but mostly because it was not the name "Ian". Also co-incidentally, we'd just met our friend David Eliade (who made us call the song David as a tribute to him). Anyhow, after Hidden World we realized we were out of ideas for full length albums, because we had gotten used to the easy-going pace of putting out 23435494 7" singles a year that we'd been doing for the previous 5 years. We decide the only thing more ridiculous than putting out a 73 minute punk record, was to just say fuck it and do a musical. We honestly came up with this idea in like 2006 and have been meaning to do it since then. Some of the riffs on this new record are from BEFORE that (I can remember practicing with Jonah in the basement of the house I lived in 3 houses ago, and right before we went to Japan for the first time with his other band Career Suicide and writing the riff from the new song "The Truest Road" [sorry, this part won't make a whole lot of sense because you won't be able to hear this song for a while yet] at the same time as we were writing the riff for the song that we eventually gave to the Revelation Records comp we were on back then). Also all the christmas time charity 7" single songs were intended for this record ("Davids Christmas" and "Davids Plan") but we decided to nix them because they aren't really that good (they are both amazing) and because we got on a real roll writing songs for this thing.

So I shit you not, this is the record we started thinking about for our 2nd album. We basically just wrote ChemCom by accident because we weren't ready to deal with David Comes to Life yet. I know that people are into ChemCom and stuff and it one like an award or whatever, but honestly it was like an accident that we even did that record, we just sort of started practicing for David and Chemcom happened instead, without us really meaning to make it. It was like if for your whole life (since 2006) you've been in love with this one girl and try to impress her at school or whatever, your job (what do you people do who read this, anyway?) and like put all your creative energies into this one girl, and then by accident somehow at a party you are making out with her lamer older sister who plays the flute and is REALLY into science (and then later you win an award for it, or whatever, no big deal) and your friends are all kind of like "wtf" and you secretly are too, but you just go with it and pretend like that's what you meant to do all along.

We started writing for it in the early summer of 2010, right after we got home from a short tour through the badlands and then the prairies of Canada ("The Other Badlands"). We would all wake up at 9.30am to watch the early World Cup game, have breakfast, watch the 11.00am World Cup game, go on the internet for 2 hours, watch the 2.30pm World Cup game (sometimes together) and then finally at 5.30pm, start practicing. We did that like 5 days a week for the entire summer when we weren't touring again and wrote about 40 songs. After we got back from Miami in September 2010, me and Jonah got dropped off in New York and recorded bed tracks for 27 of those songs in like 5 days (that's 2 seperate drum takes for most of the songs, done in 3 days) and then spent the next four months bouncing between studios in New York and Toronto, and going on tour until 3 days ago we finally had an approved master (the 4th attempt) and are here right now announcing the record.

There are a lot of different things that are going to be happening over the next few months - lot's of little 7"'s and special shows and things to pay attention to. I will talk about them all, but another place you can check out is this website that will have some cool stuff on it.

Anyways, LATER.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey frans, we're gonna be playing a special show for the Images Festival in a few weeks, which is weird for us a bit. It's scoring this movie from 1928 about a magician who goes to Zanzibar to rescue his gf from the natives or something. It's very confusing. It's going to be like when Arcade Fire scored The Box but less good. No, we won't be playing any songs from our new record (which features 4 NOFX covers by the way). Invite yourself on FB HERE.

(ps - big news on FRIDAYYYYYYYY)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi guys, we are gearing up to be a touring band again after a long hiatus of two weeks since we got back from Australia. We have a new record coming out that you will all make fun of every tiny aspect of, so we're gonna take the show on the road so you can not make fun of us to our faces. Actually, the record is amazing and honestly is like if Hidden World was more fully formed and didn't have as much weird awkward stuff as it does, and all the songs were of normal length and the whole thing was about a love story, instead of who knows what Hidden World was even about. Snakes. Anyways I'm mostly making the comparison because the new one is also very long and contains 5 songs previously released on Hidden World, but whatever, you will hear it soon enough. We've even started playing some new songs live, I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago. We will have some US dates to announce in a bit, but let's get started with this warm-up UK/EU tour, almost our favourite place to go.

FRI MAY 6 Plymouth UK @ White Rabbit TICKETS
SAT MAY 7 Cardiff UK @ Clwb Ifor Bach TICKETS
SAT MAY 7 Bristol UK @ Croft
SUN MAY 8 Birmingham UK @ Institute
MON MAY 9 Leeds UK @ The Well TICKETS
TUE MAY 10 Edinburgh SCT @ Caberet Voltaire TICKETS
WED MAY 11 Newcastle UK @ The Cluny TICKETS
THUR MAY 12 Manchester @ Futuresonic Festival UK TICKETS
FRI MAY 13 Gronigen @ Vera NL TICKETS
SAT MAY 14 Tilburg NL @ 013 Small Hall TICKETS
SUN MAY 15 Amsterdam NL @ Melkweg TICKETS
MON MAY 16 Berlin DE @ Festaal Kreuzberg TICKETS
TUE MAY 17 Cologne DE @ Underground TICKETS
WED MAY 18 Paris FR @ Batofar TICKETS
THUR MAY 19 Belgium @ Trix
FRI MAY 20 London @ Stag and Dagger Festival UK TICKETS
SAT MAY 21 Liverpool UK @ Liverpool Sound City TICKETS

Friday, March 18, 2011


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Saturday, March 05, 2011


Hey wally's, sorry for the lack of up dates lately, we're in Australia and the internet here costs $15 an hour (I am not kidding) - it's like it just got invented here or they are all holding on to bandwith for when it becomes as valuable as crude or something. Either that or they all fell for the rumours about peak-internet that were going around a few months ago. Either that or most of the countries internet supply was wiped away during the flodding. Please, take my wife.

Either way, these draconian pricing schemes have kept us off our laptops (except Jonah) and have forced us to eat heaping bowls full of spicy sichuan food, thai food, Australia pies, an entire bag of greengage plums for breakfast, alligator and kangaroo meat, cuttlefish, $2.50 cadbury bars, weird slurpees, and made us spend our afternoons lounging on their many ok beaches. We thought they were great, but then when you ask someone who is from here what the beaches are like, all the ones you've ever heard of are complete shit and you shouldn't waste your time, and the only ones they'd ever consider going to are miles away from anywhere and you can't get to them. Nice try though.

Anyhow we'll be back in a few days and will have a whole raft load of new information then. GDAY MATES.