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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey here is track THREE from the new album. Those of you that ordered BEGN (which you can do RIGHT NOW) should have got an additional 5 songs today.

Fucked Up - Ship of Fools by Consequence of Sound

In the guts of a ship in the middle of the sea
Stands a ring for the rivals for everyone to see
They spar around the center of their own duality

The audience is full and pressed against the ropes
Chanting for the blood of the loser of the bout
The fighters are their fears and symbolize their hope
They want to escape but there is no way out

The speaker and the spoke, the axle and the wheel
The teller and the tale, the flower and the bee
The sword and the steel the beast and the yoke
The fish and the sea, the prisoner and the jail

Like God asking Abraham to kill his only son
He cries out for help, he stares at the sun
He never gets an answer when the day finally comes

When David fought Goliath he wasn't bound to lines
Now he'll never hit his mark, his opponent makes the rules
He's a servant to the story and a galleries confines
Drifting on a sea of words, trapped on a ship of fools

The speaker and the spoke, the axle and the wheel
The teller and the tale, the flower and the bee
The sword and the steel the beast and the yoke
The fish and the sea, the prisoner and the jail

You clamor for an outcome, a candid denouement
The hunger for a resolution manifests the end
It concludes with an ovation, clap the blood off of your hands

He knows he couldn't help her when she needed him the most
What he gave her won't undo the one thing that he took
He was the vine around a flower, love in a fatal dose
So his story won't endure - the losers never write the books

The speaker and the spoke, the axle and the wheel
The teller and the tale, the flower and the bee
The sword and the steel the beast and the yoke
The fish and the sea, the prisoner and the jail
The fire and the smoke the starved and the meal
The head and the tail the nut from the tree
The wax and the seal the dagger and the cloak
The loss and the grief the hammer and the nail

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey, here's a few notes about some swag that is out there and will be out there soon for you to swipe up. Firstly, this site called "HD Tracks" has Chemcom up for a sale until next week. You can go right HERE to buy it, until April 26. I haven't been to the page, so don't blame me if a sale on HD TRACKS means it still costs like $50 or something. I'm sure it doesn't though? Also you have to put in a code when you check out - the code is "HDTfuckedup", ok?

Hey, so speaking of April 26th, that's when something called "BUY EARLY GET (it) NOW" (BEGN [Trademark Matador Records {I am not kidding}]) begins, which is this really confusing (just kidding) way to order an elaborate version of our upcoming record, "DAVID COMES TO LIFE" (DCTL). With this post I'm going to try and break it all down for everyone nice and tidy.

So there are a few ways you can do this. The first and easiest way is to just go on and download the whole thing for free. But let's not really talk about that option again, ok?

The second easiest way is to just wait until June 7 and buy it on iTunes. You just open the thing up and click a few buttons and you get it or whatever. I don't know - I'm a working professional musician - you think I've ever paid for music on the internet before?

Next, you can go to store and buy it. Not like Walmart or Sears, but like kind of cool "record stores" that sell records. I personally would buy the LP, but if you are on your bike or something and don't want to carry a huge bag, maybe just grab the CD and put it in your clutch or pocket.

Now this is where it starts getting a bit serious-business. You can also mail order the thing on the internet, specifically from Matador, or other sites. You can just order the straight up CD or LP, no frills, no questions asked.

OK no let's all just digest that for a second. Lot's of options. Here is obviously the best one:

On April 26 go to this website HERE. This is where you can pre-order the deluxe version of DCTL. It costs like $35 or something, which is kind of a steal. Here is what you get:

-David Comes to Life 2xLP or CD
-5 non-album tracks on MP3 format (more about these in a minute)
-stream/download of the whole album over May 10-13 (one side per day), ie a month before it comes out
-A poster
-MP3s of the "Davids Town" LP
-4 exclusive 7" singles

pretty good right?
Here is the timeline:

April 26 is when you can pre-order the BEGN package. I don't know when pre-orders start for the regular version. I think as soon as you register for the package, you get sent 5 non-album songs. May 10 - you start getting the album digitally. On June 7 (or just around then) you get the actually physical copy of the record. Just after June 28th(ish) is when you get the 4 7" singles. Ok cool?

You can either register to pick up these packages at your closest participating record store, or Matador will just mail them to you directly.

Here is the deal with the 7"'s:

As you know, when we started this whole DCTL thing we wrote a bunch of songs. We'd earmarked maybe 23 or 24 songs for the album before we know how long it was gonna be. A few of these 7" tracks would have made it onto the album if they'd fit. But in terms of content, these songs exist also to flesh out the characters and the setting for the story. Each character in the thing has their own song, and a side of a 7" devoted to them. The lyrics tell a bit more about their motives and why they do what they do in the story. Here is an example of the first 7":

That's two 7"'s (four characters). A 3rd one explains a bit about the town it all takes place in ("Byrdesdale Garden City") and the bside is about the factory where some of the characters work at ("Into the Light"). You get a 4th 7" that acts as an epilogue of sorts and tries to explain a bit about what happens at the end, but I'm not gonna talk about that right now!

Just fill up the comment zone if you have awesome gripes or legit questions, THANKS.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey everyone, you may have tried to buy or bought our LP for Ebay Day, Davids Town. Since lots of creeps went out to buy this specifically to flip it on ebay as soon as they got home and make up random pressing amounts to put in the listing title, here are some facts:


If you just want to hear the music, just search on google for the torrent or download link, it's out there already.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey so we have a new song to release. I haven't been on the internet in a minute cause I had to catch a flight out here at 6am and then we drove around the desert looking for people to give us free stuff. So this is a little bit of catch up. The next single for DCTL is "A Little Death" and it goes like THIS. You can tell the subject matter is gonna be bummer vibes because of how the lightbulb is shot out and dark. (sorry, I'm really tired).

It was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, and the first one we started playing live.

We're gonna be playing this song and some other new ones at the ACE tonight in Palm Springs if thats where yr at. Otherwise we're at the ECHO in LA TOMMOROW (sat the 16th) - the show is all ages and $5.

A few of us will be at FINGERPRINTS vinyl during the day and AMOEBA later on, for Record Store Day festivities. There are a bunch of copies (2000) of Davids Town, so hopefully you kop that, it's a pretty cool record.

Ok I'm out, next time there will be more pictures and funny stuff, ect.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mixape Four

Hey we are back in action after a long while of resting on our laurels. Since the summer we've written and recorded about 300 minutes of new music. That means it's time for a new mixtape. Mixtape 4 will be ready for pre-order in a few weeks - you will be able to get it exclusively from us on tour and from the webstore. In the mean time here is a minimix, FU mixtape 3.9.

Download it right HERE.

Monday, April 11, 2011

St Catherines

Hey thanks to everyone who came to the Images closing gala that we played on Sunday. It was pretty fun and we're all glad to have gotten through it because writing all that music in three weeks was pretty hard, esp cause we were mostly jetlagged for half of those three weeks. The good news however is that as a result of the Zanzibar score, we'll be scoring the classic film "Spaceballs" live at next years Toronto International Film Festival, so mark yr calenders and keep firing, assholes.

In a few weeks we're gonna be playing a show in St Catherines Ontario. I didn't even really know this until now, but it looks like it's part of a cool festival aimed at younger people called "In the Soil", which is good for us, because as you know, Fucked Up is for everyone (except nerds). All the opening bands are made up of young kids, most of whom are still in highschool, which is great, and we are really excited for the opportunity. Here are the details:

Robertson Hall - 85 Church Street, St Catherines
7pm, $10, All Ages

Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Video Of The Worst Thing Ever

(that josh likes)

Monday, April 04, 2011


Hey there is an RSVP thinger right HERE for our April 15 show at the Ace Hotel, if you are already going to coachella or are planning to drive to Las Vegas from LA Hunter Thompson style and need a stop over in palm springs. All I'm trying to say is, why on earth would you be in Palm Springs unless you already know about this link? It's a Schrodingers Cat type scenario. The show is free though, if that's something that might offset the cost of flying to Palm Springs from wherever you are? Plus it's open to the general public.

Also we're gonna play in New York with Dinosaur (Jr) in June (23rd) at Terminal 5 (five). This show is also open to the general public, but it's not free, so if you live in somewhere like say Palm Springs, you should maybe re-consider coming. DJR will be playing their album "BUG" in it's entirety. We will be playing our mp3 "The Other Shoe" in full. I believe Dino Jr will be playing in Brooklyn the next day, and they will be playing their record "BEDBUG" in full (HAHA).

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Images April 9

Hey don't forget next week we're playing the images closing gala event, doing a live score for the film "West of Zanzibar".

Dust to Dust - that's like us, right? Anyhow it should be cool. It's at a movie theater so if it gets boring you will be able to sit and relax and eat popcorn or whatever, but don't use yr cell phone, that's against the rules. NO INTERMISSION (it's only 65 minutes long tho).

Get your tickets HERE. They are $12 advance.

Thanks for everyone who came to the Horseshoe on friday, and thanks to Titus for letting us jump on, it was really fun, but a bit too hot.

Hey did you know that if you play these all at the same time it forms another song?

It only works if you start them at the exact same time, so I hope you have 3 cursors (or three friends).

Here are some random reminder links:

David Comes to Life Twitter
World of Damian Twitter
Jonah healthy lifestyle
Fucked Up Webstore
David Comes to Life

Friday, April 01, 2011


Hey, we are playing a show today, all new songs.
Horseshoe Tavern Toronto

That's the end of the post.