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Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Thursday, September 15, 2011


HEY HERES A THING. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we just aren't very smart or funny right now and are all a bit disillusioned about the constant barrage of youtube links that no one reads in the comments section. Hey, you like rap? We have a blog for that, it's called JONAH LIKES RAP. Please dump your links there so that the rest of us can continue commenting in the tried and true tradition of making fun of how nerdy I am, saying weird shit about Sandy (just kidding) and going on really long weird tangents. Nice, and keep the goodness.

SO anyways you should already be up to speed on our activities for the next few months:
-a few US shows along the east coast in late September
-Several shows in some of the most largest markets in mainland Europe in late October (Trondheim Norway, Lund Sweden)
-a basement-show tour of Australia and New Zealand in late November

BUT. Then we are taking a break for a few months because of the holidays but also because we are welcoming a new member into the FU extended family. One of the first things we're gonna do when we are back is play this cool thing "The Bruise Cruise". It's basically us playing with this whole group of garage rock bands that are probably all really close friends already. Plus we are headlining and people already make fun of the way we dress as "preppy". So I feel it's going to be like Titanic (the movie) where we show up in turn of the century cadillacs to our tenders while the rest of the bands have to sneak on board (along with all the people Sandy is planning to sneak on) and they will all be having fun sub-parties in steerage while we're in our staterooms trying to get the wireless internet to work. Just kidding, we are really excited to play, because cruises rule. One thing though, if anyone steps to me wearing one of those hipster sailor hats, there will be trouble. Let me just say this now - cruises have nothing to do with sailing.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

AUS and NZ

Hey so ya we're coming back to the AUS land with Foo Fighters and Tenacious D. Also we're gonna be doing our own headlining shows in Sydney and Melbourne that we can all hang out at.
Here are the dates:

Nov 28 - Perth NIB Stadium
Dec 2- Melbourne AAMI Park
Dec 3 - Melbourne AAMI Park
Dec 5- Adelaide Cricket Groud
Dec 8 - Sydney Football Stadium
Dec 10 - Gold Cost Metricon Stadium
Dec 13 - Auckland Western Springs