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Friday, October 23, 2009

Live At Lee's

A few weeks ago we played a show at Lee's Palace, a cool venue in Toronto, with The Horrors, as like a secret gig so we could practice a few songs we were rusty on, and also so that we could make a big splash as a secret guest at a show right before we played some of our own shows in a week from today. The last (only other) time we played at Lee's, we opened for the Gossip, and that night we released our Litany 7". That show was really weird, because no one knew or cared who we were. We only played because our friend Judd was road-managing the Gossip at the time (2005) and put us on as a lark. Coincidentally, The Gossip were playing across town the second time we played Lee's as well. Judd of course is now in Sex Vid.

Anyhow, our buddy Mike "The Mosher" has a weird bootlegging device, and recorded the set. It debut's two songs into the live set (Peaceable Kingdom, Golden Seal) and sounds pretty good. It's an MP3, but whatever. Download it HERE.


Blogger the mosher said...

yo dis be da first track into the set. not 2nd. revisit that set list! i miss nothing.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Too old for this said...

Thanks, looking forward to Camden Barfly even more now.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous band-1 said...

yo dis be da first track into the set

12:04 PM  
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