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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Here is some exclusive content. This interview with our enemies will be published in a Russian Fanzine and was submitted to by long time FU fan Jonah Falco.

It is possible to take interview for Russian punk-zin Punks and Anarchy?
Yes no problem! Please send us a few copies when it's done, would love
to see it.
If yes, отведте on the given questions: From occurrence of your group, what
that has changed, for example-public?

We have had different bass players and drummers since the beginning of thge band, so that is the most commonly changing thing. But, if anything has changed since the beginning it's that we now have a steady lineup. Lots of people know about Career Suicide now, we are giving an interview in a Russian zine, afterall. which is fact all the exposure is nice since we're from Canada which is not
always the first place people look to for hardcore punk. What yours намеренья in будующем?
Maybe you could tell me what a hamepehbr in 6yaymowem is? Lublana je Bulana?
Your concerts it is spent rough слэмом and пого.-before concerts you prepare as that morally or physically?
Haha no preparation unfortunately. We have no rituals for performance. Just plug in, volume and speed. Maybe if we visit Russia we will prepare by having a traditional National drink or two. Horse milk and herbs I heard?
From frequent rounds you still have free time on itself?
It's gets to be a little like living two lives when things get too frequent. In the past year, the band has done 3 major tours and recorded two records worth of material. Splitting that with a job and school gets to feel a little much at times, but it is usually worth it. In a way, the hard work is the luxury cause we get to go to cool places. PS invite us to Russia. I want to play soviet guitars and see your cities one day, band or not!
Whether During rounds were what that серьозные problems, for example отменение concerts?
Again, some of the key words in this sentence were in cyrillic, so I dont totally understand, but i'll take a guess. We have never really had too many problems when we play. Currently we are experiencing troubles getting into the United States to play as the border policies are not very receptive or in tune to 'DIY' touring and what that entails. As far as they are concerned any band = musicians and musicians = people trying to make money. iF you are not a US citizen, "making money" in the states is against the law. So that is often a problem and concern when travelling to play there. If by problems and "otmehehne concerts" you mean crazy stuff happening or fights or just a really good show?
Album-No Bullshit 7 ", tell about it about what it and what has affected its creation?
No Bullshit is a compilation put out by our good friends Brandon and Lauren. It is the first in (hopefully) a series of compilations showcasing bands that they love. The bands all play a similar style of hardcore punk. Since it has come out nothing really monumental has happened, but it's just number one. Hopefully more people find out about smaller, cool bands from the States and around the world because of it.
What your tastes in the musical plan?
Career Suicide has pretty varied tastes despite how the records sound. As much as the music probably sounds just like punk it is informed by many other things. The strongest influence is probably late 70s punk with some extra emphasis on the Ramones. That influence is filtered through our own hyperactivity and further tastes in the hardcore that followed (ie it gets faster....but not too fast).The sound also comes from a lot of mid 60s 'garage punk' and more popular rock and roll of that late 60s early 70s era (Alice Cooper, Pretty Things, Count Five, Crushed Butler, Small Faces, Troggs, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Fred Hughes etc...). Also having toured great places like Europe and Japan, we have been exposed to alot of bands from other countries and subsequently been affected by the attitudes and aptitudes with which
they play their music. We are all young-ish (oldest member is 27), though, and most of our tastes are in music that was recorded many years ago, music we are too young to have experienced first hand, so maybe in that respect we become too referrential or fall too heavily into a niche, but i think understanding the overall progression of 'punk' music through a number of different styles all contribute to an overall more enjoyable experience. This is the reason a band like Career Suicide can exist to talk about all this music and I can wear a REPULSION t-shirt while we try and learn a cover by the GUNS or the HOLLYWOOD SQUARES. You know?
Can allocate not bad groups under your discretion.
New groups or old groups?
Current: Government Warning, Carbonas, Jay Reatard, Forward, Crow, Pissed Jeans, Cardiac Arrest, Direct Control, Busy Signals, Vee Dee, Complicite Candide, Slowmotions Old: the Primitives, NYC Mayhem, Jerry's Kids, the Bags, Eppu Normaali
(1st LP), Shotgun Solution, Darling Buds, Faces, Sir Lord Baltimore, David Axelrod, Pankrti, Unruled, Nosebleeds, Cockney Rejects, Subhumans (CANADA!), Brian Eno
Ка you concern to capitalism and democracy?
Capitalism and democracy can cause very much concern, yes, but I am maybe not the right person to talk about the realities of those concerns. I have it kind of easy I think. There are people who are victimized by our political system, but I am the wrong person to speak to that. Canadian society, despite what some might say -- and there are exceptions -- is fairly utopian....and I offer that sentiment not as a huge patriotic hurrah or anything, but as far as the Canadian perspective on democracy worldwide is concerned there are but a few kinks here, and many problems with the outward projections of this political system elsewhere. Is that sort of what you are asking? Career Suicide the band is not really political.
Whether there Is at you what that vital principles?
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy
Your group often name the priest-punk group, you agree with it?
Priest punk??? I don't know what that means haha. Um our old drummer said he wants to become a priest, but we think he is being a weirdo. He's in a rock band, too. It would be like a rockin' priest. I don't imagine that would fly in the Russian Orthodox would it?
What you will advise a plate? - (favourite albums)
Ok here is a quick top ten:
Ramones - s/t
Troggs - Love is All Around
Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request/Between the Buttons
Slaughter & The Dogs - Do it Dog Style
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
Undertones - s/t
Judgement - Just Be
Kinks - Arthur
Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa
the Mob - Step Forward/Raw Power - Screams from the Gutter.
Thanks very much for the interview.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. Did they send the questions in Russian?

Anyway here are translations of the mystery words:

отведте - answer

намеренья - intentions

серьозные - serious

отменение - cancellation

Note that each of these words contains a grammatical mistake.

3:20 AM  
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