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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dec 27

Attention Brits - We will be in you soon:

7. Can you describe the role of David Eliade in Fucked up? Is he the mentor of the band and will he touring with Fucked up? I

David is a person who allows us to get things we woulnd't otherwise
get. He lets us express things in ways we wouldn't
have thought of. He enables us to be better people and a better band.
He does not tour with us!

8. I read about a film with music by Fucked up? What is the film about?

It is the ultimate action film of all time. David is directing it, and
it will be called "Triumph". It takes the history
of film making in the 20th century and throws it on its head - Triumph
will be the ultimate 21st century movie.

9. Your songs sound cleverly thought out. Is this a true impression
and how long does it take, to write a song like "David Comes To Live"?
Some persons are mocking, that the only way for an unknown punk-band
to get medial attention is to write long songs. What would you these
guys reply?

David Comes to Life was written in one hour. Two weeks before we
started recording the LP we had some gaps and needed
to write 2 more songs - in two practices we wrote David Comes to Life
and Manqueller Man, pretty much on the spot. I really
don't get why people are so obsessed with our long songs - hasn't
anyone ever heard Pink Floyd? We get media attention in
Canada because we start fights and rob banks and spike the water
supply with LSD, not because we write long tunes.

10.) Do you consider Fucked-up as a synthesis of the arts? I
have seen pictures of you, playing live with costumes and make-up? Do
you want to express a deeper meaning with such performances?

Yes, our music is the attempt to represent the true art forms of the
masses. We dress up in costumes and make up to be
an example of living art, but also to rid ourselves of personal
identity, so that only art may flow through our phsysical
bodies. We must have an artistic revolution.

11.) What are the band-members doing, if they are not involved
in Fucked up?

Gulag sells ciggarettes at an old folks home. Mustard Gas takes
pictures of amputees for an online magazine. Pink Eyes cheats
on tax returns. Mr Jo flies to jamaica to bring back cheap reaggae 45s
to sell for hundreds of dollars at boutique record
stores. I trip small children as they leave school. We feel it is
our responsibility to challenge societies views on morality
on a daily basis.

12.) Is Fucked up trying to create a certain image, by
pronouncing that the band members are mentally ill and by using
pseudonyms? Why are you doing this?

It was David Eliade who crafted these insights. At first we didn't
know what to think about it, but then he told us, so we
trust him. We are mentally deranged lunatics. We all hate each
other, and Jarvis Cocker once came to a fucked up show. Then
me and Pink Eyes got into a shoving match over who would be able to
buy the rare records at the record store the next day!
Then we went home to write a two hour long song in a minor key, with
choruses in the key of middle C. To pronounce the notes
we filled the studio with buzzing honey bees, and after the session
fed the bees to the dogs who had collected outside of
the studio to take pictures of us collaborating with big business and
Arts Canada. As a result we were offered a record
contract for a major record company, which we declined publically on
message boards but secretly agreed to in private and
began work on our 2nd LP entitled "David Eliade and the Anarchist
Miracle" which was a collaboration between Aphex Twin and
Luther Blissett and involved the recuperation of original Just Blaze
tracks meant for the final J Dilla LP. We then got
sponsered by an AIDS manufacturing company in the Congo and began to
tamper with condoms for sale in highschools in order
to breed a new race of super human sociopathic artistic minded

13.) One of your band-member is called concentration camp. Do
you think, that this is still a contemporary form for a punk-band to
shock and cause trouble? Is shocking one of Fucked up intentions? What
do you want to achieve by using such fascistic terms?

He chose the name in tribute to his Polish grandparents who worked
inside of a Kapo instalment in Dachau.

14.) What are Fucked up's main intensions?

To make money and fans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you guys verify if this is real or fake?

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we can't wait for the show in that flyer.
happy new year btw

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few pictures from Old Blue Last:

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:14 PM  
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