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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know the timing on this is a bit tricky, but I'm gonna leave it up to you all to figure out and show up at the right time(s) thx.

The first 100 people at this will be able to buy something basically no one has figured out even exists yet - the The Other Shoe 7". We pressed a few of these for the tour we just went on and have a few left over:

Featuring an unreleased bside about Nick Fenstle! Also approximately the first 240 people in can get a free can of beer, provided that's something you are into, and provided everyone shares and don't try to keep the cans to sell on ebay. If you are lucky, we'll also have lightbulbs to sell.

Also check out this crazy shirt our friend Brian Walsby did - we're supposed to look like the Beatles:

If you like it you can try to order one right HERE.

"First" Listen

**HEY JUST REAL QUICK: The Explore Music thing at Harbourfront is full up now, so don't RSVP anymore thanks! You can watch it on the internet I think.***

Hey you can stream DCTL on NPR right now. That's a cool radio station in the USA if you are not from there and don't know. You probably know. It's right HERE. We all know that if you are reading this blog you've already heard the entire record already and have made your judgements known and are already thinking about what hilarious boilerplate yr gonna leave about in the comment section (unless you are a spammer) or on vivalavinyl to make us all feel bad about our place in the world. Or something. What I'm saying is that it probably won't be your "first" listen to the record if you click thru to the NPR site. (Because you illegally downloaded it)

Anyhow, my point was the NPR article also has some insight about the conception of the record and the story that you can follow along with while you are listening to the record (on the website...for 80 minutes). If that isn't enough, remember you can actually hear us talk about these same songs live in person next Tuesday at Harbourfront in Toronto (facebook invite right HERE.). Honestly though if you are gonna come to that I might step on the rsvp-ing because space is limited and there will be free chips and beer I think, so no doubt half the people there are gonna come for just that anyways. Which kind of gives me a good idea - what if our shows for this summer were just the 6 of us sitting in chairs talking about the songs, rather than actually playing them? We'd be like the punk James Taylor, except with no music AT ALL, just stories about the songs (and there is no way we'd play a benefit for myspace, even if it was in a movie). That would be fun right? Everyone could still mosh and do whatever, which would kind of make all that cooler anyhow, because it would be really surreal and fun to just have this room full of sweaty punks moshing along to us reciting lyrics about love and discussion calmly how many bus trips we had to take to New York to get this thing done. Damian would wade into the crowd with a long mic as he does, but instead of singing, he would just be gently answering questions, in your face. Jonah would obviously have his shirt off and be wearing those gross shorts he wears to play the drums, but there would be no sweat and no drum set, just consideration of Thatcherite Britain and the decline of the Garden City movement. Anyhow, think about it.

And then of course there will be our other June 7th event that we don't have full details on yet.

Did I mention there are some new pre-order opportunities for DCTL up now?

Interpunk is doing this thing where the first 100 people to order the CD get an autographed booklet. Get that HERE.

Same deal for Newbury Comics, right HERE.

Monday, May 30, 2011

FUn THing

Hey here is a fun thing you can come do with us if you live in Toronto - we're talking with Alan Cross about the new record live, should be fun/awkward. I think you can line up to ask questions too (not Joe Cornilisie). Plus look how cute we look on the poster.

RSVP asap because space is limited FML BRB

Thursday, May 26, 2011



For spin.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Is still a big deal. The Guardian printed our full name in the paper last week and got some complaints because in case you've forgotted (I had), our name contains one swear. Anyhow the comments section on the article is on fire, and if there is anything I know about this blogs readership, it's that you love online commenting. Go HERE to call my secret names or ramble about guitar tunings. Just don't mention Ryan Giggs. (Full disclosure - I have not read this article, nor do I plan to).

Saturday, May 21, 2011


was fun. Say hello to our new mascot, "Naked Boy".

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey we're going on tour with this band in the summer, check it out:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey someone just emailed me some dates and since the last posts comments are already getting super weird, let's just use this as a refresher and hopefully no one can get ill on this particular subject matter:

Thu-May-19 Antwerp, BE Trix
Fri-May-20 London UK Village Underground
Sat-May-21 Liverpool UK Kazimir

Sat-Jun-04 Houston, TX Free Press Summer Fest
Sun-Jun-05 Austin, TX Chaos in Tejas
Tue-Jun-07 Toronto, ON Joe Cornelissie Fest
Thu-Jun-16 Toronto, ON NXNE / Yonge-Dundas Square 8pm
Thu-Jun-16 Toronto, ON NXNE / Wrongbar (late show)

Thu-Jun-23 New York, NY Terminal 5 w/ Dinosaur JR
Fri-Jun-24 Boston, MA Royale w/ Jeff the Brotherhood, Ice Age
Sun-Jun-26 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church w/ Jeff the B
Mon-Jun-27 Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel w/ Jeff the bRo
Tue-Jun-28 Raleigh, NC Kings Barcade w/ Jeef the BEff
Wed-Jun-29 Atlanta, GA The Earl w/ Fred the Broterh
Thu-Jun-30 Nashville, TN Exit / In w/ Jack Daniels
Fri-Jul-01 St. Louis, MO Firebird w/ Jeffy from Family Circus
Sat-Jul-02 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall w/ Jeff the Bros
Sun-Jul-03 London, ON Call the Office
Sun-Jul-31 Montreal, QC Osheaga Festival


If we promised you on stage that we were coming back in August because the show was "a fun ass show", we will be back. Everyone else, keep yr fingers crossed.

Kind of




what do you think

10 times

20 times

Maybe next time bros

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Album Trailer"

Hey so here is a video that maybe explains a bit more of our motivations in a clear and non-judgmental way. We really are mostly all being completely serious during this, it's kind of like a kayfabe moment (or whatever) seeing as how the musical thing is mostly legit, but it's the entire band identity up to this point has been the actual thing that's needed clarification. But that will be for another time.

If you have more questions about the album after watching this I don't know what to tell you.

Also as some of you guessed, we're doing some Toronto things upcoming:

June 7 12.01am a special release blockbuster sales event

June 16 @ Yonge and Dundas Square we are playing with The Descendants, OFF, Rusty and Metz. It's free and starts at 6. We play at 8. That night we're doing a club show also (not free)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey sorry everyone I know it's annoying - this WILL be the final BEGN post. If you got it, you will have received the first side of the LP today - these songs:

It's one of the strongest sides. Sides 2, 3 and 4 are gonna be delivered throughout this week and by the weekend you will have our entire new record, about a month before it gets released to the punters. If you haven't yet and still want to grab this DELUX package of the record, please swing by the MATABLOG right HERE and click through like 9 more links and then get the record. I think it's like your last chance or whatever.

Also the David Comes to Life website keeps getting updated, it's got a ton more lyrics up there too. We've been playing The Other Shoe and Turn The Season live, so if you are in Europe and have access to the internet and a printer, you'll be able to print those lyrics and sing along to them live at our shows, because that's where we are going in a few days.

Ok so I think wednesday you get side two - my favourite side.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Hey everyone, mixtape 4 is now in our offices. You can order one for yourself on the webstore right HERE. We're on the road right now so if you order it now it won't get processed (we gave our interns 2 weeks off) or shipped until we get back. But rest assured when we're back it will get out there really fast because Josh quit school just to work on the webstore, and he was in the middle of a masters degree in advanced maths. Anyways, the new mix tape is chill. Here is what's on it:


1) “Son the Father” Intro
Performed live at the Opera House Toronto, Feb 26 2010

2) “The Other Shoe”
From the David Comes to Life album

3) Jennifer Castle “Powers”
From the album Castlemusic

4) Animal Man “Do You Feed?”
From the David’s Town album

5) Mad Men “Wax World”
From some random Mad Men demo

6) “B”
From various bits of the FU discography

7) “The Lurking Fear”
Live at CIUT radio, Toronto, sometime in 2001

8) “Heir Apparent”
From the Couple Tracks 7” single

9) “Maxwell’s Banter”
Performed live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken NY, Feb 18 2010

10) “Ballad Of Hammerhead”
From the forthcoming Best Show on WFMU DVD

11) Ben Rayner and the Pricks “Slovakian Pete”
From the Butlins Sessions


1) “Here Lies Are”
From the split 12” with Serena Maneesh

2) “Truth I Know” snippet
From the David Comes to Life album

3) Interview Banter
Taken from Vish Khanna’s hilarious CBC Radio 3 internet show

4) Young Governor “I Heart Summer”
From the Summer Girl 7”

5) “Year of the Tiger” snippet
From the Year of the Tiger 12” single

6) “What Would you Do (For Veronica)?”
From the Do All Words Can Do 7” single

7) “Son the Father”
Taken from the 2009 Polaris awards Gala

8) “Two Snakes”
Performed live at the Opera House, Toronto, Feb 26 2010

9) Gerry and the Pacemakers “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
From the You’ll Never Walk Alone 45rpm single

While you are there, why not buy some buttons? We've got like a million.

Speaking of - you are running out of time to order the advanced David Comes to Life package - I think BEGN ends on Monday or Tuesday. Might want to get on that right HERE. There's 5 or 6 different ways to pre-order now. For those of you that already got BEGN, you'll start getting the record delivered to you on Tuesday, hope you like it.

As an added bonus to all this buy-talk, here is some stuff for free (not the new cut copy LP)





Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Hey dudes here is the last mp3 we're gonna throw out to try and entice you to get into the new record. This is the first song on the album (minus the intro) and features Maddy from the band Cults. She'll be playing the role of Veronica Boisson for tonight. You may notice from the lyrics posted a while ago on that this song describes a happy place - David and Veronica meet and fall in love before things start to go pear shaped. What about the music, you ask? Well we wrote most of this song in 2004 or 2005 and made up the chorus and the bridge over the summer. That intro riff has been rattling around inside my head since we released Dance of Death. There's a few other tracks in this collection that are as old, kind of crazy. We were listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins at the time, so maybe you can hear a bit of a resemblance.

FUCKED UP - "Queen of Hearts"

Anyhow, there you go, hope you like it -that's all we have for you until you either buy the record in advance or wait like a shmuck until June 7th. Don't forget - I know we've been over this, but it's important - you can still "BUY EARLY GET NOW" until halfway into May I think - you get the 5 bonus tracks right away, you get to hear the full album starting on May 10th, and then in June you get sent the album in hardcopy as well as 4 7" singles, a poster, the Davids Town LP on mp3, whatever, all this stuff. It's like $35 - you don't have $35? To get that into your life go HERE or HERE or HERE, among other places.

We're also doing some shows coming up. In fact I leave later this evening. All the UK shows on this list are with ICE AGE from Denmark.

7th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – UK (tickets) *MATINEE SHOW
7th – The Croft, Bristol – UK
8th – Institue, Birmingham – UK
9th – The Well, Leeds – UK
10th – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh – UK (tickets)
11th – The Cluny, Newcastle – UK (tickets)
12th – Future Sonic – Sound Control, Manchester – UK
13th – Vera, Gronigen – Netherlands (tickets)
14th – 013 Small Hall, Tilburg – Netherlands
15th – Melkweg, Amsterdam – Netherlands (tickets)
16th – Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin – Germany (tickets)
17th – Underground, Cologne – Germany (tickets)
18th – Batofar, Paris – France
19th – Trix, Antwerp – Belgium (tickets)
20th – Stag and Dagger @ Village Underground, London – UK (tickets)
21st – Liverpool Sound City @ Kazimir, Liverpool – UK (tickets)

And for America:

Sat-Jun-4 Houston, TX – Free Press Summer Fest
Sun-Jun-5 Austin, TX – Mohawk – Chaos in Tejas
Thu-Jun-23 New York, NY – Terminal 5 *
Fri-Jun-24 Boston, MA – Royale †
Sun-Jun-26 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church †
Mon-Jun-27 Washington, DC – Rock and Roll Hotel †
Tue-Jun-28 Raleigh, NC – Kings Barcade †
Wed-Jun-29 Atlanta, GA – The Earl †
Thu-Jun-30 Nashville, TN – Exit / In †
Fri-Jul-1 St. Louis, MO – Firebird †
Sat-Jul-2 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall †
Sun-Jul-3 London, ON – Call the Office
Sun-Jul-31 Montreal, QC – Osheaga Festival

All the ones with crosses are with JEFF the BROTHERHOOD. We're also playing a special TORONTO show in June but more on that later. Also we're doing a funny album release event in Toronto the day of release.


Monday, May 02, 2011


Hey here's a good idea - if the matador stuff was confusing, there's gonna be a lot of other places to pre-order the special version of the DCTL album. Here is one from insound - they have a deal too where the whole package also comes with a tshirt. You can also pre-order the regular versions of the LP and CD there too. Also if you live in a big city you can always just do this at yr local record store. Anyhow the link to grab this on insound is right HERE. The record is good - trust me, I'm a genius.


Still one of the best bands. I think we may have some cover 7"s left over that might end up on the webstore over the summer.